Gender: His race doesn't actually have these, but he identifies as male.
Race/Species: his race call themselves The Sons of Andile and The Favored People of Nozipho, but have no actual name yet.
Age: 6 (15)
Alignment: Chaotic Curious
Class/Profession: Wizard in training
Description: About the height of a dwarf, although his limbs are longer and his body in general is smaller. his skin is a bright banana-yellow that fades to green at his extremities. His hair is also green.
Personality: Cheerful and curious, but easily startled
Equipment: One pair of shorts, one armband made out of what appears to be obsidian.
Backstory: One of the first people in a world still in the process of its creation. The second son of Andile(the first of his race). Had things gone differently he would have gone on to be the world's first and most iconic great wizard. Instead he hopped into the first interdimensional portal he managed to create accidentally and wound up in Trog's.