So, I got to thinking during my late Supper, and it occurs to me we're close to having a Rubaat Crystal Ops group, if we can get everyone on at the same time

Main Tank: Hessar (Squark)
Off Tank Smash (Jokes, off tank designation due to lag from being in Australia))
Healer 1: Muci (MCerebus, during the months he subscribes)
Healer 2: Empty (However, The following week is Spring break, and I might be able to get my Operative close here)
DPS 1: Salur (Salur)
DPS 2: Gorin (Thrain15)
DPS 3: Trin'ev? (Sperreau)
DPS 4: (Pick Someone up)

Although I'm not sure which tree Sperreau went with Trin'ev, so we might have 3 tanks.

Also once we actually get into some sort of regularity (or at least, ability to organize Ops as events), I should have Terasa at 400 biochem, so I should be able to provide everyone participating with a prototype Hyper-Battle stim or two, which should get everyone through the raid (Since prototype stims persist on defeat)