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    Just putting in my contribution for now, will update and work on this as it comes to me.


    The Theg are the product of Ancient Netherese wizards permanently transmuting and altering desert insects to perform manual labor and other 'unsavory' tasks in their empire. Over time the Wizards made changes to their servants, adding intelligence and sociability to free up time and resources away from the organization and supervision of the Theg. As the power of the Netherese Empire began to collapse the Theg turned inwards, seeking self reliance and their own survival. This surprised and worried their creators, but little chance was given to stop the Theg fleeing into the Anauroch as the empire crumbled around them.

    Some historians blame the Theg for a major part of the downfall of the empire by undermining the working class, but no real record of what really happened exists except for, ironically, in the hands of the record keepers (among other things) of the time, the Theg.

    Theg often use Ankhegs as mounts, beasts of burden, companions and guards to hives but never food.

    Physical Description: At its most simple description, Theg resemble humans crossed with beetles. Their keratinous hides are often often colored red brown but can vary from dark green to grey to dull metallic colors. Theg lack the mandibles common to beetles, possessing instead a rather humanoid face despite obviously insectoid features, and have relatively humanoid eyes, even if they seem to glow yellow. Their sillhouette can be roughly equated to a stocky human, with no visible differentiation between males and females.

    Society: Individual Theg have no sense of self, and as a race they have no idea of place. Theg communities are known as hives or colonies, and all are equal assets to it. Theg share their knowledge in the same way given to them by their creators to vote and reach unanimous agreement, and act accordingly. Unlike most insectoid races there is no queen and no central leader, only the agreement of the majority. There is no difference between males and females in Theg society, and one that has been less successful or lucky than another still posseses equal standing due to the unique nature of every Theg's experiences. Those unfortunates that become isolated from the hive for extended periods of time slowly weaken and wither until they simply cannot function and are killed off.

    Relations: Most other races treat Theg carefully as they are often found in groups or near their colonies, or if encountered individually they are always competent combatants. Other than this instinctive wariness Theg are not commonly hostile, openly accepting trade and communication, especially the latter. If a guest behaves in a threatening manner close to or within a hive Theg have no compunctions against killing or otherwise subduing them, whichever is most efficient at the time. Because of this sometimes cold mannerism most races are cautious among Theg, yet are aware of the benefits of associating with them. Theg also have a propensity for attracting nearby historians.

    Alignment and Religion: All Theg in a hive or colony share the same, or at least similar, viewpoint on life, although due to their sharing process the vast majority of Theg communities are somewhat neutral. Should one vary too far from the norm his shared experiences and views may well sway the rest of the community. It is difficult to tell where a Theg ends and the Theg begin. All Theg are prepared for a return of their masters at any time, despite the negligible chance of that occurring. Religion is not in their nature; Theg are more inquisitive about gods than reverent. Despite this all Theg share a respect for the established pantheon of both the current era/location and that of the ancient Netherese, a habit derived from their roots.

    Adventurers: Theg are by nature very good at keeping records and constantly seek to expand their libraries, which they keep for their masters should they ever return. Because of this individual Theg often leave the community (by consensus, never is a Theg exiled) to gather experiences and report new occurrences. However all Theg must return at some point or wither and die, so Theg that leave their Hives must return frequently.

    Names: Theg do not have individual names, though their rapid paced language does have many word that refer to individuals for identification. Theg outside of their Colonies often adopt (willingly or not) names given to them by those they meet, whether legitimate names or otherwise. They never refer to themselves as this name to other Theg, however.

    Language: The Theg language is a combination of clicks, common sounding words, ancient Netherese and sounds beyond the normal hearing range. This language is very fast and very descriptive, yet lacks many concepts considered common by other races' standards, such as words regarding the concept of status. The Theg are well aware of this and could change it at a moment notice, but it is too deeply ingrained in their nature by the magic that made them, an ancient safeguard that stopped them from rebelling, and also because they have never deemed it necessary.

    Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Intelligence , -2 Charisma. Theg share their insect patronage's strength, and very good faculties granted by their historical lineage, but often find it difficult to interact with other species.

    Size: Medium. No bonuses or penalties associated with size.
    Speed: 30ft
    Sight: As human, as well as darkvision out to 60ft

    Racial Abilities:
    Theg receive a +2 bonus to all saving throws against mind affecting spells and effects. In addition, all allied Theg that are within a 30ft radius of each other gain a +2 bonus to initiative and must all be considered flatfooted or flanked for any to be considered flatfooted or flanked. This is a sonic, language based ability.

    Colony Worker: At least once per year a Theg must commune with a hive or similar gathering of Theg to maintain contact and share experiences. Failing to do so imposes a -1 penalty to all attributes for every week beyond that year that the Theg does not reach a Hive. Communing with a hive takes one day per month absent and can be interrupted.

    Netherese Mage Heritage:
    All Theg may make all Knowledge skill checks untrained, and add half their intelligence modifier (minimum 1) as a bonus to all knowledge and spellcraft checks.

    Insectoid Heritage: +2 to climb and survival checks

    Ancient Laborer: treat carrying capacity as if one size category higher.

    Automatic Languages: Theg, Common.
    Bonus languages: Any automatic languages of the common races.

    Theg lifespans are slightly longer than the average human, and they Mature slightly faster. This is a trait derived more from their Magically added human aspects than their insect heritage.

    Random Starting Ages
    13 years

    Aging Effects
    Middle Age
    Maximum Age
    30 years
    50 years
    70 years
    +4d20 years

    Random Height and Weight
    Base Height
    Height Modifier
    Base Weight
    Weight Modifier

    Male & Female
    +2d12" (4'10" - 6'8")
    100 lbs.
    2d12 X5 lbs. (110 - 220 lbs.)
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