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    Quote Originally Posted by Troll Brau View Post
    Role and BaB
    You mention it's supposed to take a similar role to the Sorcerer or Wizard with Wildshape and touch attacks to bring it into melee range. And I see it's supposed to be thematically similar to the Druid, so I can see the rational for a medium BaB progression.

    . . .

    So, do you really need a medium BaB progression on this guy?
    Oh, I forgot to rewrite the role after I replaced the touch attack with a different ability. And you're right about the BAB, I changed it to 1/2.

    Create Swarm
    I notice that your usable swarm's CR as you level reflects the spell level a full caster would have at the same time. The issue with that is that as you level, your Swarms are less and less a threat for what you'd be using them against. Take the Tick Swarm for example; CR 17+ creatures wouldn't be threatened by a CR 9 creature. The swarm traits take care of this in some ways but when your enemies start being casters or dragons or powerful outsiders, those traits become like Damage Reduction/Magic.
    I added abilities to make the swarms more powerful at later levels.

    Command Swarm
    Isn't this as a whole a little limited and/or superfluous? Why not just make the swarms able to move and act on their own and just have it be a swift action or something similar to direct the swarm as a whole?
    Actually, this ability is the main reason I made the class in the first place. I've always wanted to add the AP system to a roleplaying game.

    Hellwasp familiar
    I have to ask; why a hellwasp? This class doesn't have any connections to the Hells so it honestly feels tacked on. Why not just make it so the Swarmlord can gain any appropriate vermin as a familiar and have the Hellwasp as one of the options?

    Swarm Immunity
    What about swarms of Tiny creatures? Otherwise this ability looks fine but you may be getting it too early. The DR is very limited, but those immunities can be useful. It just makes the class really front loaded for level 1 and attractive as a dip. Also, I think you mean sickened, not sickness.

    Poison Use
    Why poison use? The Swarmlord can create swarms with poison special attacks and the class is centered around offensive usage of swarms. Just something else that feels kind of tacked on since Poison use is generally a stealth/assassin class thing.

    Poison Resistance
    Does this apply to magical or supernatural poisons as well?

    Splice Swarm
    What exactly is a "large swarm"?

    Disease Resistance
    Does this apply to magical or supernatural diseases as well.

    Guarded Thoughts
    The first part of this is really niche and the second part is definitely too little too late. Flat immunity to Mind-affecting effects would be more suitable honestly.

    Hellwasp Swarm
    This...is a really weak capstone ability to be honest. It doesn't really entice someone to take all 20 levels in this class.
    All of these were either fixed or replaced with new abilities.
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