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I know, right? Makes me wonder why Sith Sorcs get an entire healing *Tree*.

The only Lore reason I can think of is the Sith search for immortality. Which doesn't really sound conductive to healing *Others*
Well, an appropriately Sith-like explanation I've heard thrown around a few times is, "People die if and only if I say so."

Personally, I think it would have been better to give the sorcerer healing abilities names like "Numb Pain" and "Painkilling Field" to avoid the lore issues with using the Dark Side to actually heal, but whatever.


So I did Foundry last night, and personally I think this should have been the title for beating the last boss:

"[Name], Destroyer of KoTOR Players' Hopes and Dreams"

That was definitely the coolest boss fight I've done so far, especially the lead-up to it. My thoughts: "Oh snap, he's putting the mask on. This is about to get REAL." Which it eventually did, in the form of his dropping asteroids on us.

HK-47 was, of course, about amusing as expected.