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So, I got to thinking during my late Supper, and it occurs to me we're close to having a Rubaat Crystal Ops group, if we can get everyone on at the same time

Main Tank: Hessar (Squark)
Off Tank Smash (Jokes, off tank designation due to lag from being in Australia))
Healer 1: Muci (MCerebus, during the months he subscribes)
Healer 2: Empty (However, The following week is Spring break, and I might be able to get my Operative close here)
DPS 1: Salur (Salur)
DPS 2: Gorin (Thrain15)
DPS 3: Trin'ev? (Sperreau)
DPS 4: (Pick Someone up)

Although I'm not sure which tree Sperreau went with Trin'ev, so we might have 3 tanks.

Also once we actually get into some sort of regularity (or at least, ability to organize Ops as events), I should have Terasa at 400 biochem, so I should be able to provide everyone participating with a prototype Hyper-Battle stim or two, which should get everyone through the raid (Since prototype stims persist on defeat)
Both Ops are pretty easy on Normal mode, though I think the loot is slightly better out of Karagga's Palace. I don't know much about Rubat on the Imperial side, but on Ebon Hawk, usually Friday/Saturday there are a number of guilds looking for one or two pubbers to help with EV, so I'm sure Rubat is in a similar spot (especially given faction balance in favor of the Empire). I've managed to get in some PUG Ops on Ebon Hawk... so it shouldn't be too hard to do the reverse and find some people. If you guys are running hard modes frequently, that's a great way to meet good PvE'ers.

For EV normal, you probably only need one tank, and KP you'll probably only need two tanks for Jarg and Sorno (and maybe the trash... yes, trash > bosses in KP). Also, the current two Operations are unbelievably unfriendly towards melee DPS. It's almost entirely in favor of ranged DPS, so if you're short on that, find some Snipers or Powertechs...