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    Default Re: Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition Chat Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Lord View Post
    Troll Bräu, are we allowed to make a Race, Class, and Prestige Class combination? As in, are we allowed to do all three for the same entry?
    Firstly, thank you for using the umlaut.

    Secondly, at least for this month's contest the answer is no. In the future, if the folks we get to consistently take part in this contest are up for doing that amount of work for a specific month's contest, I'm all for it. Just at this juncture it wouldn't be fair for you or the other current contestants.

    Of course, I know that Ladybug at least would love to see that happen at one point since she/he/hir/other gender pronoun/etc. originally thought that was how this month's contest was set up because of how poorly I worded the first rule.
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