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    Quote Originally Posted by mangosta71 View Post
    Yesterday I discovered that you have to do the normal mode of a FP before you can do the hard mode. At least, this is the case for Boarding Party and Foundry. Also, if you do BP, skip Foundry, and end up abandoning the quest because when it turns gray, you have to start over with BP before you can do Foundry. On the bright side, both FPs are easy for a 50 operative to solo, even with a dps companion (Ensign Temple) out.

    Does anyone know for sure if Directive 7, False Emperor, and Battle of Ilum are the same? I'll assume that they are, and look for a group to hit at least one of those tonight if that's the case. If not, I won't worry about it - hard modes don't seem to actually be very hard.
    I KNOW False Emperor and Battle of Ilum have hard modes available from the get-go (In fact, you can do False Emperor before you do battle of Ilum), and the same is true of Kaon under Siege.

    Directive 7 may require you to drop the [GROUP] quest, and then pick it up as a hard mode from the droid outside the instance. You can use the same trick with Boarding Party/Taral V and The Maelstrom/The Foundry if you haven't completed them before level 50. But you can (with the aforementioned trick) do it as a hard mode form the beginning.
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