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So I chugged through getting my Sith Juggernaut to 50, hit the endgame and was.... meh about the whole experience. Yeah, cool, Star Wars WoW reskin. I liked the single player arc, but once I finished I was left with a profound sense of aimlessness and disappointment, mainly because I'd played a Warrior in WoW for seven years, and the playstyle is so immensely similar.

Well, this weekend I rolled an Imperial Operative and DAMN if it hasn't totally revitalized my interest in this game. Stealth gameplay, healing, rogue-like backstabs and ranged ability all in one class? Plus a new wrinkle on the energy-mechanic? Don't tell anyone, but I think this might be the best class in the game, from a novelty and fun perspective.
Yeah I hit 50 on my Sentinel and then hit a gear ceiling within two weeks (then again I probably played way more than I should have). So, I've just stopped doing dailies and whatever, and am only raiding... err, Operating? That doesn't quite sound right.

So, I rerolled Jedi Shadow and am having a blast. PvP on Shadow is just downright overpowered. I had to work to get medals on Sentinel. I get a guaranteed seven every game...

I'm planning on rerolling a few more characters depending on how the legacy thing plays out though. It would be incredibly painful to unlock something but have to delete a character to make something with the new legacy options.