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    Default Re: Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition Chat Thread

    I've thrown my blade into the arena. Its not finished but it will be done long before the deadline. It is an assassin style base class who has various spider based powers. I really hope thats close enough to arthropodes to qualify, as spiders are arthropodes.

    As I go along with it I'd like to hear any comments people have about it.

    I'm thinking ahead for May's theme. Would you guys be on-board if I made the theme tie in with the Avenger's movie being released that month state-side?
    I've got an idea for a superpowered class that I've been wanting to make but never had the initiative, the due date may give me the push to make it.

    So basically I'm all for you making a tie in. And its your competition, the theme is simply inspiration which you choose for us to aim towards.

    That made more sense in my head.
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