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    Tito Applehill

    My sister is so stupid. It's like she forgot everything bad that happened! She never looks where she's going, or worries about bad people, and she's always dreaming of adventure and excitement. She wants to be a Wolfen instead of a halfling, not so she can be stronger and defend herself from bad guys, but so that she can go on hunts and get in fights with dangerous animals. Or dangerous people. Did you forget those, Lily? Remember how they locked us up? Remember how they locked the Wolfen up? Excitement is bad, you stupid little kid.

    The grownups say things to me like, "Don't worry, Tito, everything will be okay. We promise." I hate it when they lie to me. Maybe Lily believes them when they make those promises, but I don't. Those aren't promises, they're wishes. They hope everything will be okay, but they don't know it will. Even I know that, and I'm only 8.

    Now Dad and Waterstrider are gone away to do something dangerous. I don't know what, but they were both very serious when they left, even though they hugged us and said they'd be back soon. Oh, and everything would be okay. Except Mom and Renetta don't believe that, or they wouldn't be worrying so much. I'm not stupid, Mom. I see how you look in the distance and say prayers with your lips while you rub your wedding ring. Except it's not your real wedding ring, is it Mom? You and Dad had to get new ones because slavers pulled the old ones right off your fingers, and said swear words because they weren't made of gold. And everyone was crying and Dad said, "I have money. Don't hurt my family!" They took all the money and they hurt us. Did you think I forgot? Just because Lily did? I'm not stupid.

    I remember how it felt when I didn't know the world was dangerous, and I believed everything grownups said. Sometimes I wish it could be that way again, but then I don't, because it would hurt all over again when I found out it was a lie.

    That's what's going to happen to Lily, the next time something bad happens. I wish she would listen when I try to tell her. I guess maybe 7 year olds aren't old enough to remember important things. I'll try again when she turns 8. I don't want her to be stupid.
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