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    Default Re: Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition Chat Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvon000 View Post
    Whenever there's an "Or," the first option lets you move the swarm at twice its normal speed. So you have to choose between speed and precision.
    Could you explain the rationale behind this ability then please? I know you want to start a new subsystem but why did you choose to build it in this way?

    Okay, then. Penetrating Swarm now ignores only 10 points of DR until 20th level.
    Still a little much at 8. Maybe 5 at 8, 10 at 14 and then all at 20?

    The capstone still feels like it could use something. Maybe when you summon a swarm you get two instead of one? Something like that should be added on to what you already have to really give it an oomph.

    Quote Originally Posted by Milo v3 View Post
    I've thrown my blade into the arena. Its not finished but it will be done long before the deadline. It is an assassin style base class who has various spider based powers. I really hope thats close enough to arthropodes to qualify, as spiders are arthropodes.

    As I go along with it I'd like to hear any comments people have about it.
    And I feel like a massive idiot.

    Thank you for saying something or I may not have noticing I had anthropods instead of arthropods.

    And yes, that meets the theme.

    I've got an idea for a superpowered class that I've been wanting to make but never had the initiative, the due date may give me the push to make it.

    So basically I'm all for you making a tie in. And its your competition, the theme is simply inspiration which you choose for us to aim towards.

    That made more sense in my head.
    Well, I can make themes as I please and till I'm blue in the face but I won't matter if no one likes them enough to compete.

    But that's good to hear, guess I've got May's theme then.

    I'll take a look at your entry later Milo, still trying to wake up here.
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