Okay, I seriously have to get cracking and writing Julie's story, but so many new stories have been added since the last time I checked, it's time for another round of feedback.

@Kerfuffle: Great lead in for this. I had to check the title after I was finished reading to make sure it was a part 1, and not just a teaser, because I'm seriously looking forward to more.

@RB: I'm glad to get a look into Boris, since he hasn't been on screen much in the places I frequent. It seemed very in line with the stories of Spetsnaz training I've heard, so I'm glad you've stuck to tradition here.

@Happy: Tito's reaction fits in well with his onscreen character so far, although it reveals hints of something he doesn't get to show around the camp in GLoG.

@Overall: I'm enjoying the peeks into these character's motivations that this gives us. Really looking forward to more reading and reviewing when I have the time.