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An "assassin" though is someone who's sole profession is the art of killing another living, sentient being. When it comes down to the line and the end of the day draws to a close, the only answer that enters the mind of the individual such as that is the curtailing of someone or something's life. Even when used for good ends, the act of murder is, at best, a neutral act. Yes, those who are squarely in the good alignment kill, but they do this generally as an action of last resort. The good alignment espouses mercy, kindness, forgiveness and the attempt to take a heinous foe prisoner for potential rehabilitation before exerting the most final of methods.

TL;DR: Good people may kill but assassin kill as their bread and butter.
Based on that that every soldier character at war should be evil. Also I never a Spider Blood Assassin has to be part of an organisation. He could be just have his pact which grants him gifts and he is really a master thief. I think a lot of his talents would be perfect for a thief.

Eh, you can never have too many class skills really. Once you multiclass and dip here and there you can pretty much grab every skill as a class skill before level 4 and still have a good build.
Good Point.

I would suggest expanding the use/necessity of Knowledge (Nature) for the class then to make it less tacked on and more important for the flavor and mechanics of the class.
I'll try to do that. Maybe give it a variant of Animal Empathy.

A little. Just end the sentence after the 5 and start a new sentence saying something like, "The animal companion possesses half its master's sneak attack dice as well".
That is worded lot better than what it was, thanks.

Emphasis on the concept of "should". Pathfinder may have done a lot of good things, but it didn't particularly change the tier system too much or fix every problem. So don't feel scared to make the Spider Blood Assassin better than the Rogue.
I think it already is more powerful than the rogue as it has multiple of its talents and the extra ones are generally more powerful and useful, so that shouldn't be a worry.

On a serious note though, just because Pathfinder did something one way or named something a certain way doesn't mean we can't tweak it or give it a better window dressing. The wonderful folks at Paizo are no more infallible than you or I.
I'll probably rename it to Spider Blood and make it slightly more balanced.

But it's ultimately up to you to decide to take any advice or critiques I offer, so go with what feels right to you.
I like to hear peoples opinions, without them I've submitted something I have no idea on its status on whether grammer needs fixing, balance, or lack of versatility.

I definitely suggest adding in more spider related and themed abilities. Don't feel above cribbing from other fictional sources (like the multiple incarnations of Spider-man for example) when looking for inspiration.
He was the inspiration for this class as he is my favourite hero. Strange a hero being the inspiration for a class excelling at killing. Also I've already got a few ideas.