(Ok, I'm going to try to move things along and try not to let this die...)

With the lights out, it's hard to do much of anything, including play pool. After Amber leaves, she seems less biting and might be willing to talk, but a brute of a man, with tattoos all over his body (you can see them because he's only wearing a wifebeater and his jeans sag) walks over to the topless woman and says, "Psh, this day is turning out to be worse and worse. F**k it. Let's go and have some fun. That's what ya do when it gets dark isn't it toots?"

The man grabs the woman by the upper arm, and the woman starts struggling. Whatever talking is to be done by her, it probably won't happen until the man is gone. "Hey, let GO of me. I told you my friends and I aren't interested in your gangbang parties!" shouts the woman.

What do you all do?