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    Grim considered letting the woman go to 'enjoy' an evening alone with Mr. Tattoo ... it wasn't like she was an innocent bystander caught up in events. Any other time, he probably would have drank deeply and let nature run it's course. However, there was a job on the line, and that meant money, and money meant a roof and food.

    Besides, there was no way Caleb was going to let this go ... so he had back-up. Clearing his throat, he nodded at the big man. "Hey date rape, let the ... ah ... lady go. I was hoping to chat with Twin Peaks there, and I don't need your paw prints all over them." Taking a sip of beer, he waited and watched. His posture screamed "SLACKER" but his half-lidded eyes shined bright even in the dark, and never lost sight of the man who was about to find out 'no means no' hard way if he kept this up.

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