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The things that pop out to me is that you need the Firearms Training talent before Grit talent, regardless of whether you have proficiency or not. It can be useful if you go Pistolero or Musket Master to get full proficiency, though. Extra Rogue Talent picked up at the same level will zoom you straight there. Also, you have a free deed from Amateur Gunslinger, which I'd suggest you choose Quick Clear or Up Close and Deadly.

I had originally thought so as well, but the people on the Paizo forum said that taking Firearms Training isn't necessary to qualify for the Grit Talent in this particular instance (hence why I didn't have it listed). I could try posing the question again on their forum but I'm not sure if I'll get more than a single reply.

I can't remember why I had Quick Draw though...this was a Weapon Cords build after all...