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That's honestly a skewed comparison to make.

A soldier goes into their duty knowing that chances are that they will have to kill another person in the pursuit of their duty. This is the inevitability of their choice to become a defender for their home land, but it's just that, an inevitability. It may and will happen but a soldier never knows when and it's not the only way to accomplish their duty. They become a soldier to protect that which they hold dear and that is how you have a good soldier. The minority may be sadists using their station as an excuse to commit atrocities, but they are a minority in all but Chaotic/Neutral Evil societies.

An assassin though? An assassin made the conscious decision to lead a life of death dealing. An assassin always kills and exists only to kill, nothing more. They are a living, intelligent weapon that is directed at other living, intelligent creatures. Whether this be by an organization, a lone employer or their own principles, it doesn't change that their hands are drenched in the blood of countless targets. They may kill to meet good ends, but that is the argument of a neutral character, not a good character.

TL;DR: Soldiers exist to protect and sometimes kill. Assassins exist to kill and sometimes protect.

I'd suggest changing the name to "Spider Blood Agent" or "Spider Blood Apostle" or something similar. If you keep assassin in the name you're going to open the class to theological debate, especially against those who try to espouse the capability of being an assassin and of the good alignments as well.
I'm fine for a theological debate but this definitely isn't the place. But all I want to say is that I've now added that Spider Blood Assassin's don't have to be killers.

Also Apostle means messenger, and an agent is someone who works on the behalf of others, neither of which fit the class's feel.

Look forward to seeing it.
I've made Spider Blood.

I know, I just feel like I might come off as a little too overbearing or harsh in my critiques.
The H in PEACH stands for Honestly and your posts seem to be Honest rather than harsh so they are welcome.

Ever read What If? Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine Vol 1 #1?

The whole story concerns Spider-man joining up with Wolverine to terminate terrorist organizations after he accidentally killed a KGB friend of Wolverine's (in the main universe he was haunted and horrified and went into Mary Jane's open arms. In this universe he "stayed in the cold"). He becomes a better martial artist and assassin than Wolverine and he develops his spider sense to the point that it's actual precognition (to the point of detecting things hours and days ahead if I'm remember correctly).

His outfit was really awesome too:

Sadly I haven't and now I really want to find that issue.