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    Quote Originally Posted by deuxhero View Post
    Any plans?
    Like many plans of mice and men, some are doomed to fail. I'll see what I can get done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azazer View Post

    I had originally thought so as well, but the people on the Paizo forum said that taking Firearms Training isn't necessary to qualify for the Grit Talent in this particular instance (hence why I didn't have it listed). I could try posing the question again on their forum but I'm not sure if I'll get more than a single reply.
    I'd love to see it otherwise as well, I'm just not seeing the rules support that. It's a reasonable houserule, though, definitely.

    I can't remember why I had Quick Draw though...this was a Weapon Cords build after all...
    It's definitely a flavorful feat, though it'd work better if you got to Gunslinger Initiative, which specifically boosts Quick Draw.

    Quote Originally Posted by Crasical View Post
    What are your suggestions for a Gunslinger looking to play up the tinkerer/inventor aspect of being one of the heralds of firearms? I was planning on taking Master Craftsman and the two feats it allows to allow my Pistolero Tank engineer to improve his weapons...

    1. Rapid reload
    H1. Two-Weapon Fighting
    3. ???
    G4. ???
    5. Master Craftsman
    7. Craft arms/Armor
    G8. Improved Two Weapon Fighting
    9. Craft Wonderous Item

    But I'm seeing both ITWF and Craft magic Arms/Armor arriving two levels late... Should I be worried?
    A focus in craft skills and maxing Knowledge(Engineering) would definitely help with that. You may also want to pursue Master Alchemist.

    Craft Magic Arms & Armor showing up later is typical for going the Master Craftsman route, so I wouldn't worry about that. I do wonder about your plans to TWF as a Pistolero Tank, as it takes a bit of trickery to work out effectively. On the other hand, since you're going crafting focused, Improved TWF being a bit behind and getting it at the same time as rogues isn't breaking the bank by any means.
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