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    Quote Originally Posted by Harnel View Post
    Harnel Mithar ni'Therishein
    Dinner Invitation, Part 1

    This was a good introduction to the kind of conditions Harnel lived in before he came to the Nexus. I'm looking forward to the next part.

    Quote Originally Posted by happyturtle View Post
    Willow "Salixtra" Warwick

    I thought this story was a pretty fun one, there's not really anything I find wrong with it.

    So, I decided to retcon the Operative's background a lot. Please leave any criticism you can think of.

    Also, this story's quite a bit longer than my previous one.

    The Operative
    Patient Interview 1

    "Today, I start the first of my sessions with Mr. Merrick Hayes, confirmed psychic, convicted of multiple counts of hostage execution, espionage, and treason. This man, according to the others that have tried to work with him, is incurable. I, for one, don't think that's true. No man is truly incurable, just a greater challenge. I think my record will speak for myself, and Mr. Hayes's future." Dr. Oakley placed his digital reocorder onto his desk, just as he heard a few sets of footsteps, accompanied by the sound of chains, approaching the door to his office. Instead of a knock on the door, though, the door was flung open.

    "Prisoner #735471, ready for your session," The guard said, pushing the other man forward. This other man was thin and gaunt from malnourishment, and had a ball and chain attached to his ankle as well as a heavy pair of handcuffs. He still managed to have the look of someone who was very dangerous in his calm face and black eyes, though. Oakley had to admit that he was a little unsettled by the look in those eyes.

    "You can go," he said, gesturing to the guard. The guard looked a little shocked, but went to stand just outside of the door. As soon as he closed the door, Dr. Oakley turned back to the prisoner and laid his hands on the desk. "Do you know who I am, Mr. Hayes?"

    "You are Doctor Charles Oakley, the latest psychologist assigned to work with me." Merrick's voice was cold and monotonic. "I assume you've had a look at my file?"

    "Yes," Dr. Oakley said, further chilled by that voice. This was going to be difficult. "I think we'll start these sessions with you recounting the events that brought you here."

    "You have my trial records, Doctor. Is this necessary?" Another strange thing about Merrick was the way he stared forward, never wavering as he spoke, almost never blinking. He seemed to look through Oakley rather than at him.

    "Oh, very necessary, Mr. Hayes. Your opinion is just as important as the facts." Oakley's voice was a sharp contrast to Merrick's. He was attempting to be a little friendly. Merrick was not.

    "My opinions are fact," Merrick said, barely moving at all. Not even the chains on him made any noise.

    "All the same, humor me." Oakley was starting to see the reasoning behind what his colleagues said about Hayes, but his confidence was insofar unshaken.

    Merrick stared forward and remained still for almost a minute, then he said, "Fine. Hostilities between India and Pakistan were erupting once more..."

    Merrick was the last to fully suit up and board the helicopter. As usual, all the other SAS members stared at him.

    "Hayes, do you really need to wear that gas mask on a diplomatic assignment?" Coutts said, glaring at Merrick.

    "You don't know how long this will remain diplomatic. These are orcs we're talking about." Merrick took his seat on the helicopter and resumed his normal position of staring forward and not moving.

    Coutts sighed and muttered to the man next to him. Merrick paid little attention, as he was already reading the thoughts of most of the people on the transport. Coutts was wondering why Merrick was even on the chopper, and the other soldiers were mostly feeling their usual contempt towards him, because he was 'strange' or something like that. The Pakistani prisoner was afraid of him. Almost as if they didn't know how essential he was.

    Merrick looked straight at their hostage. The Pakistani orc twitched a little. Merrick had to admit that it was a little enjoyable to watch someone twice their size squirm like that. But then, anyone would do that after seeing firsthand exactly what he could do with an ice pick. Now remember, Merrick sent to the orc, you tell anyone why you have those stab wounds and the inside of this helicopter is the last thing you see. In response, the orc just took a few deep breaths.

    "ETA to Karachi, three hours," the pilot (and curiously, the only one completely shielded from Merrick's mind reading,) said. "Try to get along until then."
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