Preceding notes:
Execuloths are a kind of daemon with the appearance of a humanoid with a second set of arms, a stingered tail, small hooves, and horns; they are born winged but most females are de-winged at birth.
In the Ashen Expanse, one year is 13 months; one month is 4 weeks; one week is 8 days (Primarise, Duorise, Triarise, Tetrarise, Pentarise, Hexarise, Heptarise, Octarise); Heptarise and Octarise make up the weekend.

Incident 9985

This personal journal has been confiscated and classified; access is denied under Level Ayin (L16) clearance. Any individual reading any page other than this warning without the required clearance will face immediate review and impending consumption.
N.B.: Dates have been excised and replaced with "Pertinent Entry" (PE) labels.
Peritent Entries begin a certain time before Incident 9985 so as to supply a context.

Mating season has begun again, and my name came up in the roll call---looks like I'll have to accept this year. Last time the male (not expecting to remember his name, really) gave me a rather nice book, so maybe I'll be lucky again this year.
The office has felt so weighty these days---that's what I'm writing this for, after all, since I was advised to use this as an outlet for stress.
I'd really rather prefer letting out stress in some more social way, but once I'm carrying another clutch I'll only have a few weeks before I'm stuck at home.
That reminds me: I've been meaning to get a pet; I suppose I'll need one once I'm frantic and bound to my apartment again. So glad Liache allowed me to borrow her elf girl last time, or I don't know how I would have managed.
I'll get on the pet issue this weekend; for now I'll enjoy a quiet Pentarise evening of tea and a book (am I supposed to have books taken from other planes? Still not sure, but it can't hurt to keep them).



I've just purchased my pet! Her name is Tsan (it's a little like mine!) and I think she is great; her hair and eyes are such a nice, vibrant green, and so are the lines on her skin! She says she likes books too and there's basically no way we aren't going to be best friends.
I'm going to stop writing about her and get on with getting to know her!
It's almost bedtime and I'm so happy to have bought Tsan today.I've never had someone as interested in foreign books as I am living with me! She's actually already asleep right now, and it's nice to know that I'll have my new friend nestled close next to me. Also, I have just noticed that she smells of some sort of fruit. Not the rather dull kind we have here, but the kind grown in other planes. I think it is kiwi.



Mating season is just about the least spectacular thing ever; I don't care how energetic I'm feeling, I'd be pretty listless with the strange weighty feeling around the office if I didn't have Tsan at home. That and the males---the squabbling and posturing is such a joke.
I'll be picking one of the quieter ones as usual. They are usually quite nice about this whole mess, and it'd be great to get another book...
I'd rather not have to do this, though.



I've been off this journal for a while, but I might as well get back into writing in it.
I suppose I'll note that today I fulfilled my mating obligation with a fairly quiet, pleasant male named Ossen. Coffee afterwards was a nice touch on his part.
Well, now comes the wait. I really do hope he brings a good host when the time comes... not much to do now but put in a good effort for the next few weeks, then ride out the remaining homebound time with tea and reading and my pet.
This won't be all that bad, I suppose.

The beginning chapterthingies are sort of domestic and slow, but it'll pick up.