Ilpholin's Office - Moff 101

Name: Moff
Age: We're clones. Anywhere from a few minutes to a few years.
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Heartbreaker
Reason for joining AMEN: Prime is here, that sexy bastard
Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: Access to the Yellow Road and portal making, resistance to mental tampering
References (Victims preferred): Prime, Jack, Moff, Kirk, Moff, Moff, Stu, Moff, Moff... (list goes on, all AMEN members) Victims: That dumb guy who blew himself up, stuff my player doesn't remember because she's bad like that
Past Experience: I ran the base while everyone was off killing Gordo. Gave Mr E a run for his money.
Other Information: Whatever you did to 4, I do NOT want to know about it or hear about it at all, and I especially don't want it done to me.

Moff 101 is dressed rather flashy, though not in a way that would rival Kirk. He gives Ilpholin a grin and takes a seat.