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    Here's my rough outline for the Gun-Fu/Spike build. It is currently leaning towards "Flavor", but I can add a section at the end for "more optimal choices".

    Looking for Feedback/ideas/oversights

    Human (cause Spike is a human, duh)
    End levels will be Gunslinger (Musket Master) 13/Monk (Flowing) 4/ undecided 3 (more Gun? more Monk? other?)
    Yes, I know Spike used a Pistol, not a Rifle, but we are pretty tight on Feats, and Musket Master gets Rapid Reload as a Bonus.

    Levels taken as:
    Gunslinger 1, for the obvious reasons
    Monk 2, for the general Monk-goodness
    Gunslinger +4, Dex to Damage
    Monk +1 (or +2) for Still mind (for Monastic Training), may go ahead and grab Monk 4 so we can get our Ki Pool started.
    Gunslinger +8, Bleeding Wound and qualify for Signature Deed at 11, bonus feat at 12, and Immune all Misfires at 13
    (Monk +1 if we stopped at level 3 before)

    Approx Stats, asssuming 15 point buy
    Str 10 (using Weapon Finesse on our unarmed strikes, while we don't care about increasing damage, we do not want a penalty either)
    Dex 22 (16 base, +2 Human, +4 levels)
    Con 12 (planning on being 'near' melee)
    Int 8 (the Human Skill bonus cancels out the penalty)
    Wis 14
    Cha 10

    Feats (in approx. order)
    We have 2 feat-chains going on
    Dodge>Mobility>Deft Shootist (the only feat that lets you RELOAD without provoking)
    and Point-Blank>Weapon Focus>Rapid Shot>Snap Shot

    1 Dodge
    1 Mobility (human)
    1 Rapid Reload (gunslinger)
    2 Weapon Finesse (monk)
    3 Deft Shootist Deed
    5 Point-Blank Shot
    6 Weapon Focus (gunslinger)
    7 Rapid Shot
    9 Snap Shot
    11 Combat Reflexes
    12 Improved Critical (gunslinger)
    13 Improved Snap Shot
    15 Signature Deed > Bleeding Wound
    16 Greater Snap Shot (gunslinger)
    17 ??
    What else should be here?

    Class choices to fill the last 3 levels>
    Fighter for the Feats, possibly taken earlier in the build, but then we further delay Bleeding Wound deed....
    More Gunslinger, there are some nice Deeds at 15 we can snag, as well as the Bonus feat at 16
    More Monk, a few Passive bonuses can be had here, nothing major.
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