Okay, this time, I'm gonna try commenting on any huge glaring art things that stare me in the face and say "good snark material". Here's hoping.

Part 7: What's my Age Again?
Ah yes, the first of two Evan/Lilly-centric stories. Of course, this means that hijinx must ensue.

While we'd already seen hints and mentions of it, this is the first time Evan (as Lilly) elaborates on just why he does what he does. It is, at its base level, pure escapism. The Lilly form is a release for Evan from a stressful working life he must go through to support himself and a sister while his parents are in the land of...wherever so many cartoon parents go to.

Alas, no time for introspection, as things are fixed rather quickly. Or are they? Dun dun dun!

Yes, unsurprisingly, Anne has messed up this spell. Luckily, the rule of funny pulls through, and Evan manages to actually net himself the job. And, in a lightbulb moment, fixes the problem for real this time.

Oh, and Dark Lord Whatshisface enjoys using chains and whips.

While one could rightly argue that "Angelique, the Defective Djinn" is a Jason story and "Slumber Party...of DOOM!" is a Cassie story, I would mark this as the first turning point of major non-Anne stories in the comic. It's a nice, simple little story, and there's not much else to say about it. It's cute.

Erm...huh. No notes this time. That's weird.


Next time, we cover two stories in one chapter with Part 8: Split Screen! Prepare for mood whiplash so fast your head will spin.