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    frown Tenement Fire and Willow's descent into villainy

    Update 71


    [Tenement Fire]

    As Javert was driving Missy home from their disastrous date at the Masks Auction, they witnessed a mob of human supremacists setting fire to a tenement building that mostly housed non-humans. To make sure of the carnage, they waited with guns to shoot anyone who tried to escape.

    Javert and Missy attacked the mob - Javert used a garrotte hidden in his cufflinks, while Missy used her sidearm pistol. She had the further disadvantage of being in a cocktail dress and high heels, so she kicked off the shoes and went barefoot. After they'd shot or garrotted enough of the assailants to make them scatter, backup arrived from Remnant. To Missy's surprise, Jyarl was leading the team of firefighters and medics - not a job he normally does.

    She went into the burning building, against Jyarl's orders, thinking that her cybereyes, networked to the Comm Center, could provide enough help to the firefighters to be worth the risk to her life. She rescued one man and alerted firefighters to the location of other survivors before she had to flee the building.

    Elsewhere in the building, Captain Jeffries, the head of the firebugs found an orc child who was carried to safety by Jyarl. (You should really read the post where it happened. Wolfy wrote it, and I can't do it justice. It's good!)

    Missy made it out of the building with burns on her feet and enough oxygen deprivation to give the mental effect of being heavily intoxicated. As Javert was trying to get her into the medical tent, Jyarl came out of the building, and with no warning, slugged Missy in the face and kicked Javert in the gut. The little orc girl in his arms, who regained consciousness in the open air, found this amusing and started to giggle.

    Missy finally got stuffed into a hospital bed and had a tracheal tube inserted to protect her airway. Her heart took enough damage that she'll have no choice now. She'll have to accept the artificial heart that she's resisted for so long. She's taking this hard, and is dealing with it by "drunk" texting old boyfriends, using her cybernetic brain to send the messages.

    [Attack on the Hermitage]

    Brand and Waterstrider and Justin are finally alone at the Hermitage - or are they?


    [Unnamed Orc Girl]

    Rescued from the tenement fire by Captain Jeffries and Major Jyarl. After being unconscious in the fire, she revived in the fresh air just in time to see Jyarl putting the beatdown on Missy and Javert. She found this highly entertaining.

    [1st Lt Alice Delisle]

    Offscreen, but available as spoons permit to assist with Remnant business.

    [The Applehill Family]

    Tito knows Dad and Waterstrider are doing something dangerous, and is brooding about it. Lily is her normal carefree self.

    [Billie] / [Elaine de Vere Stevenson]

    Billie is still locked up at Remnant, waiting to see more of Gus. Elaine hasn't yet been seen onscreen, though has appeared in the Stories thread.

    [Charity Evans]

    Working at the infirmary, while studying for EMT exams. Also working in the medical tent at the Tenement Fire.


    Still hanging with the Cylons, and just realized that he shouldn't have survived the blizzard.


    Killing demons with Wenomir, Mia, and DC.

    [Decker the Catgirl]

    Showed up at Watchtower where Butler has just met Misha the naiad.

    [Sister Fatima]

    Gremalphin went to her with his worries about Eon, who thinks assassins will come for him if he doesn't stay awake all night. Sister Fatima decided to go and speak to Eon to try to allay his worries.


    In the woods near GLoG. Felt the surge of spirit power from the Bison sacrifice and was making his way to investigate. He's since sensed the Dawn Wolf transforming Renetta and Waterstrider, which makes him even more curious.

    [Gus Acre] / [Jake Stevenson]

    After Gus spent time getting to know his mother, he returned to Vasquez, exhausted and emotionally vulnerable. He begged Vasquez not to leave him, fearing he'd become as insane as Billie if she did. When she reassured him, he told her again that he loved her, words he's said many times before. But this time, Vasquez returned the words. He went to sleep completely happy.

    It was Jake that woke up, and Vasquez told him what she'd said and confessed that she wasn't sure if she was in love or not. Jake described his own feelings - basically loveswept exhilaration - and Vasquez said that wasn't how she felt. She said she felt broken and just needed someone, and Jake promised to be that someone, for as long as she would have him. He didn't tell her his worry that if she tried to end the relationship, Gus would not accept it and would continue to harass and stalk her.

    Plotclone Jake convinced Vasquez to leave the Masks Charity ball early with him, as he didn't want anyone but her.

    [Happy Amakirr]

    On Melody's Island, giving her daughter money and advice.

    [Missy] aka Submission-in-Adversity-Brings-Peace Halifax

    After collapsing in the hallway, Magtok appeared to give her a glass of water, and as quickly disappeared, leaving Missy feeling rejected and confused. She went back out to meet Javert, and he told her he was sorry she wasn't having a good time, and he would just leave. She started to let him, but at the last minute, she called him back. When he asked her to be honest, she blurted out most of her emotional issues in a way that pretty much killed any attraction Javert may have felt for her. He offered again to leave the party, and Missy instead asked him to just take her home. Then they ran into the Tenement Fire plot above.


    Moff was the first AMENite to have their membership confirmed. This is a GOOD OMEN! =D

    Moff 4 is headed out on a search for DRAGON TREASURE! Yay!

    Another Moff is at the Masks ball, on the date with Taul. But realizing Taul was not interested, let him off the hook in exchange for a little help at the auction so he could buy either Kal or Butler. He hasn't decided which.


    Offscreen. NPCable.

    [Salixtra / Willow Warwick]

    After graduating high school, Willow spent some time trying to decide what to do next. After meeting Amlin, a necromancer, whose looks are being stolen away by the magic he uses, she was confirmed in her previous opinion that magic is BAD and that she should get busy taking over the Nexus and destroying magic. There's also a story in the Stories thread about a more personal reason for getting rid of it.

    To achieve her goals, she joined Magtok's boot camp for Supervillain(esse)s, and took the persona of Salixtra, a name chosen because Salix is the genus name for the Willow family. Since arriving at Boot Camp, she's had her SUV destroyed, been heavily hit on by a battle rapper, and had a smelly zombie vampire decide to stalk her. She's kept her cool so far.

    [Sunny Goodfellow Evans]

    Offscreen, buying personalized baby stuff for little baby Luke.

    [Winslow Warwick] and family

    Doesn't realize yet that his daughter took the tuition money for OmniHarvard and is going to a Supervillain school run by his nemesis Magtok. He's also pretty unaware of his daughter's megalomania and supervillainish tendencies. You think the death ray would have given it away.


    At the Masks auction, planning to be auctioned off along with Salome. The two intend to provide full services to their purchaser. She's also bidding on Jezebel.


    Anyone without an entry is idle and doing stuff offscreen.

    Character list:

    1st Lt Alice Delisle
    Basil Finch
    Brand Applehill and family
    Carly Bryson
    Charity Evans
    Charlotta and Lottie
    Dag Ingasson
    Darcy Turtle Brightember
    Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War (Decker the Younger)
    Decker the Catgirl
    Elaine de Vere Stevenson
    Elias Larmette
    Dr Ferris Fitzhenry
    Gamaliel and Paul
    George Shackleton
    Gus Acre
    Hannah Snow
    Jake Stevenson
    ??? - Little orc girl
    Lorraine Godolphin
    Leah Loveman
    Missy Halifax
    Moff Four
    Moff Thirteen
    Molly Fitzhenry
    Ostari Elves
    Peter Raven
    Rilayne aka Crazy Aunt Riley
    Salixtra / Willow Warwick
    Simone Isandwana
    Sunny Evans
    The Trickster
    Vasilisa and family
    Vinicio D'Angelis
    Winslow Warwick and family

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