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    The version in progress is here extras can be found here.

    Special thanks to VEKLIM and DerTollUdo for editing and content creation. It was a lot messier and barren before.

    The Telekineticist.

    When a psion begins manifesting their power for the first time, they often discover their powers in telekinesis. The sudden movement of objects, flying crockery, stacking chairs and juggling balls are all commonplace events when a young psion is learning. Most grow out of this phase, finding other, more dramatic, specific or subtle uses for their talents. However, a few never move past the telekinetic, finding that the more they practice, the more control and precision they gain on the world around them. Over time their mastery of movement becomes legendary, and many a story has been told of various members of this class. These rare individuals are known as The Telekineticists.

    Characteristics: The Telekineticist relies on its mind to use his powers. This can range from throwing a mass at a foe, throwing a foe, fighting with a weapon held with his mind, even to full power flight!

    Alignment: The power of The Telekineticist favors no alignment above others.

    Religion: The Telekineticist favors gods of battle and psionics.

    Races: Humans are drawn to this class like any other. Small races enjoy this class, as it lets them use brains instead of brawn. Any mining race tends to have many Telekineticists since they aid in the mining process. All psionic races tend to favor this class.

    Other Classes: Martial classes tend to dislike The Telekineticist, as they seem too magical to be a true martial. Magical classes enjoy The Telekineticist, as they seem to merely be imitating their own power.

    Role: Can take on the role of utility or perhaps stealth. But this class shines as a battle field controller. With numerous abilities for punishing foes unwilling to move as he wishes, and the ability to physically move foes into a formation of his choice, he can add some useful utility outside of combat while performing numerous tasks at a distance.

    Game Rule Information:
    Abilities:Charisma is the strength of The Telekineticist. Constitution helps them stay alive while increasing maximum Hands. Wisdom allows them to maintain effects longer.

    Alignment: Any

    Hit Die: d6

    The Telekineticist

    1st|+1|+0|+0|+2| Telekinetic Hands, Mental Strength, Force Burst, Force Fling, Wild Talent

    2nd|+2|+0|+0|+3| Telekinetic Fighting: Least

    3rd|+3|+1|+1|+3|Telekinetic Reach, Trapfinding

    4th|+4|+1|+1|+4| Far Trick

    5th|+5|+1|+1|+4| Martial Skill, Mind's Eye

    6th|+6/+1|+2|+2|+5| Telekinetic Fighting: Lesser, Far Trick

    7th|+7/+2|+2|+2|+5| Telekinetic Flight

    8th|+8/+3|+2|+2|+6| Far Trick

    9th|+9/+4|+3|+3|+6| Martial Skill, Focused Shield

    10th|+10/+5|+3|+3|+7| Telekinetic Flight: Improved, Mind's Eye, Far Trick

    11th|+11/+6/+1|+3|+3|+7| Telekinetic Fighting: Improved, Critical Thinking

    12th|+12/+7/+2|+4|+4|+8| Ghostly Hands

    13th|+13/+8/+3|+4|+4|+8| Telekinetic Flight: Greater, Lockdown

    14th|+14/+9/+4|+4|+4|+9| Martial Skill

    15th|+15/+10/+5|+5|+5|+9| Disrupting Throw, Mind's Eye

    16th|+16/+11/+6/+1|+5|+5|+10| Telekinetic Fighting: Greater, Lockdown

    17th|+17/+12/+7/+2|+5|+5|+10| Ghostly Hands

    18th|+18/+13/+8/+3|+6|+6|+11| Critical Thinking

    19th|+19/+14/+9/+4|+6|+6|+11| Martial Skill, Singularity

    20th|+20/+15/+10/+5|+6|+6|+12| Master Of The Far Hand, Mind's Eye

    Class Skills

    The Telekineticist's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are; Auto Hypnosis(Con), Balance(Dex), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Int), Escape artist(Dex), Hide(Dex), Knowledge (Psionics)(Int), Open Lock(Dex), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Search (Int), Slight of hand(Dex), Spot(Wis), Use Psionic Device(Cha), Use Rope(Dex), and Psicraft (Int).

    Skill Points at First Level: (4 + Int modifier) x 4
    Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier

    Proficiencies: A Telekineticist is proficient with all Simple weapons and one martial melee weapon of their choice. They are also proficient with light and medium armor, and all shields.

    Telekinetic Hands(SU): As he walks through the land, he raises not his own hands. For as he wills it, so it shall move. With but a thought, he sends enemies into chaos and allies into order. All with the power of his Telekinetic Hands.

    The Telekineticist has limited capability with his power. This capability is known as Telekinetic Hands, or just Hands. These Hands are useable at will. These Hands can be used for abilities in this class, or they can be used as though they were just normal hands. In either case, they are still subject to the limits given in this class.

    The Telekineticist has a number of Hands equal to 1 + 1/3 class levels + your Constitution modifier. These Hands have a range equal to 10ft/ class level and may only be used if you have line of sight. These Hands are not Force effects. The only class ability which is a Force effect is Force Burst. Things normally immune to Telekinesis are not immune to the abilities of this class.

    Upon using any of the abilities of this class that require Hands, every Telekineticist has a display. This display is unique to every Telekineticist. The display can be just about anything visual. Some Examples are: glowing eyes, vibrating waves of energy from yourself, visual Hands, or anything else the player and DM agree upon. These can be identified as psionic displays with an appropriate Knowledge: Psionics check (DC up to DM)

    The Hand dependent abilities require you to be conscious to maintain. Therefore, if the Telekineticist falls unconscious all their Hand dependent abilities end.

    If an ability that uses Hands requires a save, it has a DC of 10 + 1/2 class levels + charisma modifier. If when using your Hands you require a physical ability score (such as opposed strength checks for trip attempts, or opposed strength checks for pushing something heavy), use the Charisma modifier instead. You may invest additional Hands in any such check to gain a +2/Hand bonus to the roll. You may invest as many Hands this way as you have levels in this class.

    Any hand which is used for a non-sustained ability is considered used until the start of your next turn, and any hand used for a sustained ability is considered used until the ability is released.

    Whenever you use an ability that requires your Hands, you may opt to combine it with another ability that requires your Hands with the same action cost (i.e. move, standard, etc) If you do so they must be different abilities and not the same one multiple times. Each additional ability adds a -4 penalty for all rolls you make for the combined abilities.

    Mental Strength(SU): As others talk about lifting mountains, he will instead ask where they want it to end up. As others wonder how to how to write a message in the dirt across the field, he only asks what they want it to say.

    The Telekineticist can move an object with his mind or perform some act of manual dexterity at any distance within the range of his Hands at will as a move action.

    Objects weighing up to 25lb/level/Hand may be maintained without limit. May be moved at a rate of 40' or your fastest natural speed, whichever is faster per action.
    Objects weighing up to 50lb/level/Hand as a heavy load may be moved normally at a rate of 30' per action
    Objects weighing up to 100lb/level/Hand may be moved normally at a rate of 20' per action
    Objects weighing up to 250lb/level/Hand may be pushed or dragged along the ground at a rate of 10' per action.
    You may add additional Hands to increase the speed by 10' per Hand, this may not increase the speed past your fastest natural speed.

    These movements are smooth and the pressure is uniform over the object unless you desire otherwise. These movements are not limited in direction, but do have a limited duration. The Telekineticist can only maintain pressure for up to wisdom modifier rounds for anything weighing more than 25lbs/level/Hand, after that the object drops to the ground and the Telekineticist is fatigued for 1d4 rounds. You may not initiate this ability if you are fatigued. If you cease pressure, and do not use any ability requiring Telekinetic Hands for a full round, the duration you may keep this up is reset.

    Creatures may be moved in this way, but they get a will save to negate the effects each round. Any movement from this ability provokes attacks of opportunity as normal. The Telekineticist may not use this ability on himself.

    The Telekineticist can also perform a feat of manual dexterity anywhere within the maximum range of his Hands. This includes making skill checks that need hands, like Open Lock, though the Hands still need to be holding the needed tools. This manipulation is limited by the number of hands used. If you wish to do something which would require two physical hands to achieve (like tie a knot in some rope), then you must use at least 2 hands. No additional effect is had by using more Hands than necessary for any given action.

    Force Burst(SU): As his limbs started exploding, they wondered why he just sat there. Then he started cackling. And finally he just fell over before his head exploded...

    You focus you telekinetic ability in an attempt to rip the target apart from the inside. At will as a standard action that requires 1 Hand at least, you may make a ranged touch attack to one target with a blast that deals 1d6+1/level. You may invest more Hands to add 1d6/Hand up to your max level in the class. You may split up the blast across multiple targets. Each additional target takes the same damage as the first, however each target also imposes a cumulative -2 penalty on the to hit roll.

    The target must succeed on a fortitude save when hit or suffer one of the following Rider effects for 1D4 rounds. You begin play knowing only one rider effect (sickened), but gain access to other effects at the indicated levels, and may choose freely between any riders you know with each use of Force Burst. You may only have one rider per use of this ability. This ability only functions within the range of your Hands. This ability effects undead and other creatures normally immune to fortitude saves, although the riders may not have any effect.

    {table=head] Level | Rider Effect
    1 | Target is Sickened
    5 | Target is Confused
    10 | Target is Nauseated
    15 | Target is Stunned
    20 | Target is Paralyzed

    This is a force effect and requires line of effect.

    Force Fling(SU): The first sign of the wandering Telekineticist would have been the tree, upside down in the keep's main tower. Then of course there were the cows...OK, what was left of the cows, all over the town square. Though, the thing that really stuck in the minds of Griftshire's people was the day the prince crash landed, upside down, and slightly exploded, on the pulpit halfway through the holyday sermon. As it turns out, Telekineticists aren't always subtle.

    At will as a standard action, the Telekineticist can launch an object within the range of his Hands. Each object may weigh no more than 25lb/level +25lbs/Hand invested up to your Telekineticist level, and requires the use of at least a single Hand. The object travels up to 10ft/level and this movement may take it outside of the Hands range.

    The Telekineticist makes a single standard ranged attack. The object deals bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage (DM's choice) depending on it's weight up to 1d6/25lb (minimum 1d6). Regardless of the item launched, you do not take a non-proficiency penalty for this attack. Weapons launched with this power deal damage according to their weight unless you are proficient with them, at which point you may deal normal weapon damage (and damage type) instead of damage by weight. The critical threat for objects used this way is 20/x2. Any enchantments or abilities the weapon/s may have are applied as long as you are proficient with it. The keen enchantment, or any similar ability involving critical threat ranges does not apply. A flaming burst weapon would always consider it's threat range as 20/x2.

    If holding an item with Mental Strength that could be used for this ability, you may use the Hand holding it in the Force Fling, and maintain your hold on the item after the fling so long as it is still in the range of your Hands.

    Additionally you may use this ability to destroy objects. Starting at level 5, instead of flinging the object you may focus your power inwards. This causes the object to suffer the effects similar to a Shatter spell except as noted here: The save is Fortitude and its DC is 10+1/2 lvl+cha mod, this specifically targets objects and they are not immune, you may affect any composition of material, and you may affect weights up to 25lb/level+25lbs/Hand.

    Wild Talent: His powers weren't born from years of study; his powers were born from his wild imagination.

    You gain the feat Wild Talent as a bonus feat.

    Telekinetic Fighting(SU): "You say you need an army to guard your gates? No need. Show me your armory, and I will hold your front door." ~A Telekineticist to the castle guard.

    At 2nd level The Telekineticist may use Hands to wield weapons he is proficient with and fight within the range of his Hands. Any weapon wielded in this fashion may be moved up to 30ft in a round as a free action. Only weapons wielded within 5' of your self qualify as being wielded by you for purposes of feats or class abilities that effect them.

    At will as a standard action, you may make a single melee attack with one such weapon, using Charisma instead of Strength for the to hit and damage rolls. You only threaten squares within your physical reach, if the weapon is beyond this range it does not threaten on it's own. A one-handed or smaller weapon requires one Hand and a two-handed weapon requires two Hands to use. Any weapon(s) held by your Hands may have additional Hands added to it, each increasing the damage by 1/2 charisma modifier.

    You may only have a maximum number of Hands in use by this ability (wielding weapons and increasing damage) equal to your total HD.

    The Telekineticist suffers -1 to hit for every 10ft increment between the weapon and The Telekineticist, and a -1 to damage for every 20ft increment between the weapon and The Telekineticist, to a maximum of the range of his Hands. He may maintain this effect for a number of rounds equal to his constitution score per encounter.

    At 6th level at will you may make a full attack with the weapon(s) you are wielding with Telekinetic Fighting. You may not make more attacks than you could without your Telekinetic Hands, but you may spread your iterative attacks between weapons at no penalty, although the range penalty still applies. You may now hold a light or heavy shield with one Hand or a tower shield in two Hands. Such a shield may occupy any square including your own or those of your allies (but not an enemy's) and confers on anyone in that square the shield's AC bonus as a shield bonus to their own AC, and multiple shields do not stack.

    At level 11 at will as a standard action you may attack once with each weapon wielded by your Telekinetic Fighting. This is done with a single attack roll at your highest attack bonus, but takes a penalty to hit equal to -2 for each weapon after the first.
    You may wield a weapon of a larger size category than you normally could for your size. For every size category larger than normal, the weapon requires an additional Hand to wield, these Hands do not add extra damage, but you may add further Hands to do so.

    The duration you may maintain this effect is removed.

    At 16th level you no longer take the distance penalties for the distance between you and your weapon, but you are still limited to the range of your Hands. Also, at will as a fullround action, you may attack with each weapon you hold with Hands up to the number of attacks granted from you BAB for each weapon plus any extra attacks granted from feats or weapon enchantments that apply to fighting with one weapon. These attacks all suffer a cumulative penalty of -2 for each weapon after the first. This means that feats such as Two Weapon Fighting or Multi Weapon Fighting would not apply, but the Speed enchantment and similar effects would.

    Telekinetic Reach(SU): "It's just a floating sword! It can't be that dangerous...right?" ~Captain Reokus' last coherent words

    At third level, you may chose to have any weapon you are wielding with your Telekinetic Fighting threaten adjacent squares as normal for a weapon of it's type. This ability is useable at will as a free action. If the weapon has the reach quality then calculate accordingly.

    Trapfinding(EX): "The thing with traps is this: if you stand near them, they might kill you. Best to do it with a bit of distance between you and it." ~A Telekineticist

    You can use the Search skill to locate traps when the task has a Difficulty Class higher than 20.

    Finding a nonmagical trap has a DC of at least 20, or higher if it is well hidden. Finding a magic trap has a DC of 25 + the level of the spell used to create it.

    You can use the Disable Device skill to disarm magic traps. A magic trap generally has a DC of 25 + the level of the spell used to create it.
    If you beat a trapís DC by 10 or more with a Disable Device check you can study a trap, figure out how it works, and bypass it (with your party) without disarming it.

    Far Trick(SU): "Not very long ago, you thought that because you tied me up and surrounded me with guards I was no longer a threat. Would you care to re-assess?" ~A Telekineticist after disarming and grappling his captors from a chair in the corner of the room.

    Starting at 4th lvl when your powers start to mature, you gain the ability to use specific types of combat tricks at will as a standard action within the range of your Hands. These work as normal except Charisma is used instead of any physical score, and your size bonus (or penalty) does not apply to these checks. These abilities do not provoke Attacks of Opportunity and enemies don't get to add their size bonus (or penalty) to the modifier. On a failed attempt, the target doesn't get the reactive attempt to use it back on you. This ability is useable at will and requires a standard action and 1 Hand to use (in the case of multiple targets, you require 1 Hand/target, with a -2 penalty to all rolls for each trick after the first).

    Each trick initially receives a penalty of -1/10ft away from the target you are. Each trick requires one hand to activate.

    At 4th level you may attempt to bullrush an opponent.

    At 6th level you may attempt disarm attempts against foes. If you desire you may catch the item, if you won, in the Hand used for this maneuver as part of the action. The penalty for breaking down doors and bull rushing is reduced to -1/20ft.

    At 8th level you may attempt trip attempts against foes. The penalty for disarming is reduced to -1/20ft, and the penalty for breaking down doors and bull rushing is reduced to -1/40ft.

    At 10th level you may attempt to grapple foes. You do not suffer the negative effects of grappling someone when using this ability. The penalty for tripping is reduced to -1/20ft, the penalty for disarming is reduced to -1/40ft, and the penalty for breaking down doors and bull rushing is reduced to -1/80ft.

    Minds Eye(SU): "Come out, come out, wherever you are...no seriously, I can see all of you...why are you all looking at me like that?" ~ A Telekineticist as he walks through a town of invisible ninjas.

    At 5th level, at will as a full round action you may gain Touchsight out to half the range of your Hands until the end of your next turn by using 1 Hand.

    At 10th level this increases to the full range of your Hands.

    At 15th level you may maintain this ability indefinitely with one hand.

    At 20th level this ability no longer requires a Hand to maintain and is always active (even when you are not psionically focused).

    Martial Skill (EX): "Do you know how easy it is to train with a weapon when your body doesn't get in the way? No? Wouldn't have thought so..." ~A Telekineticist discussing his satchel of unusual weaponry with an incredulous guardsman.

    You may not be a fighter, but you understand weapons of war.

    At 5th level you gain two additional martial weapon proficiencies of your choice.

    At 9th level you gain two more additional martial weapon proficiencies of your choice.

    At 14th level you gain one additional martial weapon proficiency and one additional exotic weapon proficiency of your choice.

    At 19th level you gain two additional exotic weapon proficiencies of your choice.

    Telekinetic Flight(SU): At first they feared his power, then they felt his power, but never did they see him because they forgot to look up.

    At 7th level, you have finally mastered moving yourself using your Hands. At will as a move action, you may initiate Telekinetic Flight .One Hand is required to initiate and sustain flight. If you reach the duration of the ability, you immediately descend directly downwards at a rate equal to the fly speed (taking falling damage if you fail to reach solid ground in this distance) and become fatigued for 1d4 rounds. You may not initiate this ability if you are fatigued. If you cease flying, and do not use any ability requiring Telekinetic Hands for a full round, the duration you may keep this up is reset.

    At 7th level, you may fly at a speed of 30ft with perfect maneuverability for a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier. You may keep this flight up indefinitely by using three hands.

    At 11th level, your fly speed increases to 40ft and you may stay aloft for a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom score. You only need two Hands to keep this up indefinitely.

    At 13th level, your fly speed increases to 60ft and may be sustained indefinitely with only one Hand.

    Focused Shield(SU): "You know what's fun? A good fight. You know what isn't fun? An unfair fight. Let's just fix this real quick...and there we go. Now this is fun." ~A Telekineticist as he separates the enemy into smaller groups.

    At 9th level you may create a 10'x10' barrier with your Hands at will as a move action. Maintaining this barrier requires a move action. You may create and maintain multiple shields in the same action, as long as you have the Hands to do so. They are transparent yet not invisible, or even hard to see. They appear as a continuous ripple in the affected areas. They do block Line of Effect, but not Line of Sight.

    Each shield requires 1 Hand to activate and maintain, but may be augmented as described below. Any unattended objects or projectiles are instantly stopped and cannot pass through. There is no limit to the amount of material the barrier can support. Spells cannot pass through the barrier unless they do not require Line of Effect, and those which require an attack roll simply end at the barrier.

    If a creature attempts to pass through, it suffers an immediate bullrush effect upon contact with the barrier, as if the barrier were a gargantuan creature (+12 size bonus) with a Strength score equal to your Charisma score. The barrier does not make an attack roll to make this bullrush, it just happens. If the barrier wins the opposed check, the creature is pushed out of the wall in the direction it attempted to enter from. The wall cannot push the creature farther than 5ft from its edges (as the wall does not move with the creature). If the creature wins, it forces it's way through the barrier, causing it to disperse.

    You may form the barrier over a creature, in which case it is effected as though it had tried to pass though the wall (The creature is pushed towards the closest edge of the wall, or whatever direction is not facing you in case of a tie). If the creature is pushed/thrown into the wall, use the bullrush check of the creature/force that pushed them into the wall instead of the creature's if it is higher.

    You cannot form multiple barriers in the same square or in any square occupied by Lockdown or Singularity.

    Any creature that attempts to pass through the barrier and fails takes force damage equal to 1D6 +1/ class level. The barrier is a 10ft x 10ft pane, positioned as you please within Telekinesis range. You may create and maintain multiple barriers at once, and any number of barriers may be set as part of the same move action so long as you have enough hands free to create them. You may dismiss these shields as a non action.

    You may augment this ability by investing additional hands, as described below:

    You may increase the force with which the wall pushes creatures away. Each additional hand invested in this way increases the damage by 1d6 and adds an additional +2 bonus to its bullrush check. If this more powerful wall succeeds on a bullrush check by 10 or more the creature is knocked prone, and if it succeeds by 20 or more the creature is stunned for 1 round unless it makes a fort save (DC 10 + 1/2 class level + your charisma modifier).

    You may invest 1 additional Hand to shape the Shield. All parts must be touching, but the barrier can otherwise take any shape you desire.

    You may invest additional Hands to increase the size of the shield at a rate of 5'x5' per Hand. Thus with 1 extra Hand it is a 15'x15' pane, with 2 it becomes 20'x20' and so on.

    Critical Thinking(EX): "You know, I used to just fling weapons. Then I realized that if I can fling it just right, I can stab you in the face, while I slice open your stomach. Won't this be fun?" ~A Telekineticist as he gets a critical strike on his enemy.

    Starting at 11th level, you have learned how to wield a weapon in the most dangerous fashion.

    At level 11 weapons with which you are proficient used in Force Fling get their normal critical threat range.

    At level 18 all objects wielded with Telekinetic Hands get their normal threat range and are treated as though you had Improved Critical. You do not actually gain the feat, and it does not count for prerequisites. This ability stacks in the same way as the feat.

    Ghostly Hands(EX): Some people fear ghosts and other creatures that are not tangible. The Telekineticist chooses instead to reach out for them. To hold onto them. To interact with them.

    At 12th level, your abilities become capable of affecting incorporeal objects and creatures. Objects thrown using Force Fling must be incorporeal to do so, but weapons wielded using Telekinetic Fighting are treated as being both corporeal and incorporeal from now on. Your Focused Shields now affect incorporeal creatures.

    At 17th level all your abilities can affect creatures and objects from any coterminous planes.

    Lockdown (SU): "What, you think those guys are gonna get here? Why would we let that happen?" ~A Telekineticist as he stops a marching army.

    At level 13 you learn how to use you Hands to manipulate the molecules within an area. At will as a standard action you may create a sphere of dense air by using 1 Hand. The sphere is 5' in radius and may be placed anywhere within the range of your Hands. You may dismiss the field as a non action.

    Thrown weapons cannot be used within the sphere, even when launched from outside. Ranged attacks with all other weapons or ranged spells take a -2 penalty on attack rolls for every 5' they travel through this effect, in addition to their normal penalties for range.

    Melee attacks take a -2 penalty to hit, and in addition Bludgeoning and Slashing attacks deal half damage, and Bludgeoning damage becomes exclusively nonlethal within the field (as if the weapon were Merciful). Melee Piercing weapons take a penalty to damage equal to the penalty to hit. Weapons which deal more than one type of damage at a time like a morningstar are considered whichever type would be least beneficial (so that morningstar would be considered Bludgeoning for this purpose, even though it also does Piercing damage under normal conditions).

    Creatures within the area of the Lockdown must make a Fort save if they wish to move. If they pass they may move up to 1/2 of their speed. If they fail by 4 or less, they may only move up to 1/4 of their move speed. Failure by 5 or more means the attempt to move fails and the action is wasted.

    You may augment Lockdown with additional Hands in one or more of the ways detailed below:

    Increase the radius of your Lockdown by 5'/Hand
    Increase all penalties to hit (melee, ranged, and spells) by 2/Hand
    Increase the save DC by 1/Hand
    Any Hand invested this way only gives a bonus for the chosen area (i.e. if you want to increase the penalty by 4 and increase the DC by 4, you would need to invest 6 additional Hands)

    You cannot form multiple Lockdowns in the same square or in any square occupied by Focused Shield or Singularity. A Freedom of Movement effect removes the melee attack penalties and movement penalty.

    At level 16 you may make any area that you Lockdown so dense that it blocks Line of Effect (as if it were solid), but not Line of Sight. As well as also stopping extradimensional travel. Forms of movement barred include but are not limited to astral projection, blink, dimension door, ethereal jaunt, etherealness, gate, maze, plane shift, shadow walk, teleport, and similar abilities/spells/powers. Once Lockdown is in place, extradimensional travel into or out of the area is not possible.

    A Lockdown does not interfere with the movement of creatures already in ethereal or astral form when the spell is cast, nor does it block extradimensional perception or attack forms. Also, the spell does not prevent summoned creatures from disappearing at the end of a summoning spell.

    A Freedom of Movement effect has no effect on this blocking Line of Effect or stopping extradimensional travel, but still removes the movement and attack penalties.

    Disrupting Throw(SU): They thought that just because they weren't close, and he wasn't holding a weapon that they would be safe...they were so very, very wrong.

    At 15th level, at will as an immediate action, you may attempt an attack of opportunity against any opponent up to 5ft/class level away. They must have just taken an action which would provoke an attack of opportunity were you adjacent to them, but you need not be threatening the opponent. You may use your Force Burst, Force Fling, or any of your Far Tricks. This counts towards your attacks of opportunity for the round.

    Singularity(SU): "They say that when something gets very dense at a very small point, it gets really hard to move away from there...Let's just see if that's the truth, shall we?" ~A Telekineticist as he pulls a fleeing group into the sphere.

    At will as a standard action, you may use one Hand to create a Singularity point anywhere within your TK range. The Singularity may effect any number of creatures (not objects, although undead are susceptible) within 30' of it's center point, even if this would go beyond your TK range. Each target creature must be hit with a ranged touch attack from an unoccupied Hand, whereupon they must succeed a Fortitude save or be affected by the Singularity point. To target a creature it must weigh no more than 50lbs/level. You may use additional hands to increase the save DC and maximum weight for a target, each additional Hand yields +2 DC and +50lbs/level. You may dismiss Singularity as a free action.

    The Singularity may be used in one of two ways, attraction or repulsion, but not both ways at once (these are detailed separately below). Regardless of which way this is used, any creature killed by damage from a Singularity is instantly reduced to a fine paste which can only be brought back to life by a True Resurrection, miracle, wish, or other similar effect. Any equipment carried by a destroyed target is unharmed. When a target gets destroyed by a Singularity, any Hands invested in that specific target become immediately available to the Telekineticist to invest or use.

    Under attraction, all affected creatures are drawn towards the Singularity, where they collide with each other and are held. Upon collision, all targets take bludgeoning damage equal to 2d6/10' each target traveled put together (for example, there are 3 targets. Target A travels 20', target B travels 10' and target C travels 30'. Upon collision at the center they each take 12d6 bludgeoning damage).

    Every round at the start of their turn, affected creatures get a new Fortitude save to escape the effect. Until they succeed on a saving throw to break free any creature caught in a Singularity is only able to take purely mental actions. The save DC increases by +2 for every other target caught in the singularity (so if four creatures were caught inside, the DC would be at +6). For every round they fail this save, the target will take 5d6 crushing damage as the force holding them applies pressure. You may invest more Hands in the Singularity, to increase the damage they take by an additional 5d6/Hand.

    Under repulsion, all affected creatures are thrown away from the Singularity instead. A repulsed creature is thrown 30' directly away from the Singularity and takes 5d6 damage. If nothing obstructs this movement, the creature is left prone outside the area of the Singularity and may not reenter by any means until the end of the Singularity effect (though they may still fire ranged weapons and spells into and through the effect). However, if an object like a wall or pillar obstructs this movement, they take an additional 2d6 damage for every 10' they failed to travel, and are crushed as if under attraction instead of repulsion until the end of the effect. You may invest more Hands in the Singularity to increase the distance thrown and damage inflicted by repulsion, for each additional Hand so invested you gain +10' distance thrown and +5d6 damage.

    You cannot form multiple Singularities in the same square or in any square occupied by Lockdown or Focused Shield.

    Master Of The Far Hand(EX): He now stands tall, his powers matured. Everything is his plaything, and the world his playground.

    At 20th level, you have reached the pinnacle of your mental power. Reality becomes an illusion which you can bend like putty, and many of your abilities are enhanced as follows:

    All your at will class abilities gained from this class are now considered Extraordinary.

    Your Disrupting Throw becomes a free action, still taking up an attack of opportunity per use. It may also be used anywhere within your Telekinesis range.

    Your flight speed increases to 120ft.

    You no longer take range penalties to your Far Tricks.

    Weapons wielded by you for your Telekinetic Fighting can now move up to 60' instead of 30'. In addition, you may now add 2x Cha mod to damage rolls as opposed just 1x Cha mod. Extra Hands invested in dmg for weapons now add 1x Cha mod as opposed to .5x Cha mod.

    Your Focused Shields are now stable enough that if someone manages to force their way through them they are no longer dispersed and they take the damage whether they make it through the shield or not.

    Your Lockdown can now stop magic before it begins. With this, any area you Lockdown prevents all spells and spell-like abilities from being cast from within and suppresses effects granted from spells and spell-like abilities that are already cast. Spells may still be cast into the sphere, as long as they don't require Line of Effect. This also effects spells from items, but the items themselves function normally.

    For example:
    A spell/spell-like ability grants you Freedom of Movement. When you enter the field, that effect is suppressed and any attempt to recast it fails.
    You wear a ring of Freedom of Movement. Upon entering the field the ring functions as normal and you continue to benefit from it.
    You have an item with the the ability to cast spells, like a wand or scroll. When you enter the field, any attempt to cast these spells fails and any that are already active are suppressed.

    The Telekinetic Hands gained through class levels in this class and feats is doubled. This applies to those already gained, gained this level, and any gained in the future, unless they state otherwise.


    Pure Telekineticist.

    Replaces: d6 Hit Die, Martial Skill, Telekinetic Fighting, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Telekinetic Reach, and Critical Thinking.

    Benefit:Hit die becomes d4, and the number of Hands you have is increased to 1 Hand/Class Level + your Con mod. The range of your telekinesis increases to 20ft/level. The range of your Disrupting Throw becomes 10ft/class level.

    Unarmed Telekineticist

    Replaces: Martial Skill, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Medium Armor Proficiency, ability to wield weapons not generated by this ACF with Telekinetic Fighting.

    Benefit: You may generate weapons with your Hands which may be used as normal, but they are the only weapons this class may use for Telekinetic Fighting. You may generate as many as you would like at the rate of at least 1 Hand/Weapon as a move action and they may be utilized anywhere within the range of your Hands. You may not create more weapons than you have Hands available. It takes a move action to do any one of the following for all currently formed weapons: invest Hands, remove invested Hands, or dismiss the weapons. These weapons follow the same rules as normal weapons when used in Telekinetic Fighting.

    All invested Hands apply to the damage dice as well as the bonus modifier. These weapons use your Cha modifier for to hit and damage rolls instead of any physical ones.

    These deal damage equal to 1d6/Hand damage and count as either Piercing, Bludgeoning, or Slashing whichever is most beneficial. They gain a bonus to hit of +1/Hand. Maximum Hands invested in a single weapon are equal to your class levels. These are treated as weapons the Telekineticist is proficient with for all purposes. Their critical range begins at 20/x2. This increases to 20/x3 at 11th level, and to 19-20/x3 at 16th.

    At 4th level these weapons may be treated as magical for the purposes of overcoming DR. At 10th level they may be considered to be any or all of the following for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction: cold iron, silver, and magical . Finally, at 16th level may be considered to be any or all of the following for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction: adamantine, cold iron, silver, and magical. This is chosen at the time the weapons are formed.

    At level 20 these weapons may be considered to be any or all of the following for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction: Epic, of your alignment for both the Law-Chaos scale and Good-Evil scale, adamantine, cold iron, silver, and magical.

    These weapons may take any color and whatever weapon shape you chose, but this has no mechanical effect. These weapons are all medium sized with a 5' reach. They may be made larger with Improved Telekinetic Fighting, although only 1d6 gets improved to the next step up no matter how many d6s you get normally, but their reach improves as normal for getting larger.


    Whereas the psion and the wilder have learned to hone their minds into weapons capable of manifesting their merest whim, many Telekineticists find they are too specialized to manifest in the truest sense. Some few discover instead how to mimic the effects of certain powers through manipulation of their Hands. These few are known as Telekineticist Savants.

    Medium Armour Proficiency, Martial Skill, Critical Thinking, Far Trick.
    Delay the acquisition of TK Fighting by one step (Least @ 6th, Lesser @ 11th and Improved @ 16th). You do not gain Greater TK Fighting at any point.
    Change the Telekineticist's BAB to average progression (like a cleric). You are not as martially minded as other Telekineticists, but your understanding of your powers stretch to the abstract far more than most.


    Warp Reality
    At 1st level you start to gain a number of Psi-Like abilities as you progress, determined by which discipline you choose to follow (listed below). Each ability requires a number of hands to be used, equal to the level of the power simulated. Hands used this way are considered used until the beginning of your next turn. Your manifester level is equal to your class level, and any saves run off your Charisma modifier.
    1st level. Level 1 power, usable 3+ con modifier times per day.
    3rd level. Level 2 power, usable 2+ con modifier times per day.
    5th level. Level 3 power, usable 1+ con modifier times per day.
    7th level. Level 4 power, usable con modifier times per day.
    9th level. Level 5 power, usable con modifier -1 times per day.

    Power Overwhelming
    At 4th level you gain the ability to augment your Warp Reality with additional hands. Each additional hand counts as 2 power points for this purpose. You begin being able to use only 1 additional hand in this way. You may use another additional hand for every 4 levels thereafter (2 extra at 8th, 3 at 12th, etc, to a maximum of 5 additional hands at 20th.)

    Master of the Far Hand
    Remove this line from the ability:
    "You no longer take range penalties to your far tricks."
    Add this line to the ability:
    Your Warp Reality powers now require only a move action to use. Your level 1 Warp Reality power is now at will.

    Below are listed the discipline power lists, you must select one at 1st level, and may never change this choice. If a power uses your Intelligence for a calculation, replace it with your Charisma. If a power requires a touch attack, you may use a Hand to deliver it at a range of 5ft/class level, as long as you have one free. Each discipline grants a class skill and another ability (much like a Cleric's domain)

    The Beast (Psychometabolism)
    Add Knowledge (Nature) and Survival to the Telekineticist's list of class skills.

    1st level power. Thicken Skin
    2nd level power. Animal Affinity
    3rd level power. Hustle
    4th level power. Metamorphosis
    5th level power. Psychofeedback

    Claws of The Beast
    At 5th level you gain the ability to grow claws using your Hands. As a move action you may use a Hand to gain a natural claw attack, which you maintain for as long as you have at least one Hand invested in it. You may invest additional hands for extra damage to a maximum of 1/4 class levels (so you begin with only one Hand for the claw, but may add a second at Telekineticist level 8). The claw attack deals damage equal to 1D6/Hand + Charisma AND Strength modifier.

    The Traveler (Psychoportation)
    Add Knowledge (The Planes) to the Telekineticist's list of class skills.

    1st level power. Detect Teleportation
    2nd level power. Dimension Swap
    3rd level power. Astral Caravan
    4th level power. Psionic Dimensional Anchor
    5th level power. Psionic Teleport

    Group Mentality
    At 5th level you gain the ability to manifest the power Astral Traveller at will as a move action. This requires the use of one Hand which is used until the end of your turn. You may touch multiple targets with the same move action (1 Hand/target), as long as you have enough Hands to do so.

    The Mentalist (Telepathy)
    Add Bluff to the Telekineticist's list of class skills.

    1st level power. Psionic Charm
    2nd level power. Psionic Suggestion
    3rd level power. Hostile Empathic Transfer
    4th level power. Psionic Dominate
    5th level power. Mind Probe

    Mind's Eye
    Your Mind's eye ability gains the following enhancement:
    You may improve your Mind's Eye ability with the use of an additional hand. You gain the effects of the Read Thoughts power with 2 differences:
    The area becomes that of your Mind's Eye ability.
    Creatures with an intelligence of 26 or higher (and at least 10 points higher than your own intelligence score) no longer stun you if they are read. Instead, you simply cannot comprehend the thoughts you read and therefore gain no effect for the purposes of these creatures.

    The Augur (Clairsentience)
    Add Gather Information to the Telekineticist's list of class skills.

    1st level power. Precognition
    2nd level power. Clairvoyant Sense
    3rd level power. Fate Link
    4th level power. Remote Viewing
    5th level power. Clairtangent Hand (except as follows);
    1. This emulates one of your Hands, not the Far Hand power.
    2. When you augment this power, it allows you to make a Force Burst, Force Fling, or Mental Strength action (not telekinetic force, maneuver or thrust) with the clairtangent hand, as if it were a Hand within your TK range.

    Preemptive Defenses
    At 5th level The Augur gains the ability as a move action to 'reserve' a number of his hands up to 1/4 class level. You may reserve these hands until you next sleep, and as long as they are reserved they may not be used for any other abilities, releasing a hand from this ability is a move action. For as long as you have at least one Hand reserved, you gain a +2/hand reserved as an insight bonus to reflex saves and AC.

    The Maker (Metacreativity)

    Add Knowledge (Engineering) to the Telekineticist's list of class skills.

    1st level power. Astral Construct
    2nd level power. Psionic Repair Damage
    3rd level power. Ectoplasmic Cocoon
    4th level power. Psionic Fabricate
    5th level power. Hail of Crystals

    Constructive Hands
    At 5th level The Maker learns to turn his Hands into finely crafted tools, to astonishing results. Whenever The Maker makes a Craft check, he may use a number of Hands equal to 1/2 class levels, always 2 at a time (so 2, 4, 6, etc), henceforth called a 'Pair' to simulate a duplicate of himself for the work.
    This ability has 3 effects and may be used in conjunction with Craft (Sculpture) for the purposes of creating astral constructs and for Craft checks involving Psionic Fabricate, but has no effect on the time it takes to manifest the powers:

    1. Gain a cumulative +2 bonus to your Craft check results for each Pair you invested in the Crafting check.
    2. Multiply your Craft check result by 1+ Pairs you have invested in the check for the purposes of calculating time taken to craft.
    3. At 9th level, when you gain the Focused Shield ability, you also gain the ability to shape your shields in a new way. By using 2 equally sized shields, you may create a hemisphere which has a radius equal to the size of the panes making it (i.e. two 10x10 panes would create a 10ft radius hemisphere). You may enlarge the hemisphere with additional Pairs at a rate of +5ft radius/Pair invested. The hemisphere counts as a single shield when adding extra hands for increased damage and bullrush checks.

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