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I know there is a planetouched halfling from somewhere that is about as good as this one. But it's LA 1.
Also may I redirect you to the Homebrew Section o our forum? That's where this belongs.
We have Homebrew Section? Ups, I completely missed it. Sure, redirect it. And sorry, I didn't wanted to make any trouble.

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These are problematic, in that they are very min-maxed. Most LA 0 races have one, maybe two pairs of ability adjustments. If we count the +4 as two, these have 3, which is a lot.
Originally I didn't wanted to give them +2 to Inteligence, but I thought it's a little unfair that many monstrous races ends on short end of the stick with ability points modificators (with exception of Hobgoblins who for some reason gets two +2 bonuses and no drawbacks). Maybye I should remove +2 Inteligence and -2 Charisma?

While they have drawbacks, these are essentially halflings, but more so. They make absolutely awesome rogues, and are decent at a few other roles, such as wizards, thanks to the intelligence bonus, but they suffer in every other role.
Yeah, I noticed it while working on it. My idea was to mix Goblin and Halfing and see what comes out, and through I tried to give them drawbacks their parent races don't have, I couldn't give them something that would make them very distinctive.