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    Default Re: Telekineticist (3.5 D&D, PEACH)<-really, you should.

    So, I was thinking, should I put a link in the class description to my last post for the currently in progress one? That way people viewing the class can jump to the most current version without having to check through a bunch of pages to make sure...I don't want to step on Bob's toes, just wanna keep the class updated when he isn't around.

    Also, I modified the Mental Strength. I think it fixes all the dispute about it now and is clear and concise.

    Also added into Unarmed that creating weapons is a move action. Should that stay?

    So, the last post got too long. Magic Items and Feats will now be here.


    Crystallize Hand

    Requirements: Telekineticist of 4th level or higher, you must permanently sacrifice one of your Telekinetic Hands.
    Benefit: When you take this feat, you permanently reduce the number of Hands you posses by 1. This Hand is crystallized, becoming corporeal and functioning almost identically to a psicrystal, except as noted below:
    • Treat your effective psion level as your Telekineticist level - 3 for the purposes of calculating your Crystallized Hand's properties.
    • Remove Share Powers from the list.
    • Replace Deliver Touch Powers with the following:

    Crystalline Reach
    You may deliver a Force Burst, Force Fling, Far Trick or Focused Shield through your Crystallized Hand, treating it as the center of your TK range for all effects of that ability. To do so, the Crystallized Hand must be within 5ft of you when you invest Hands in the ability, you do not regain use of these Hands until the Crystallized Hand delivers the ability or is destroyed.
    If you are a TK Savant, you may deliver any touch ranged Warp Reality ability in this same manner.
    • Treat the Channel Power ability as reading 'TK Hand ability' instead of 'powers' in every instance. If you are a TK Savant you may also use your Warp Reality abilities in this manner.

    Special: Your Crystallized Hand counts as a psicrystal, and this feat counts as the Psicrystal Affinity feat for the purposes of feat requirements. You count as having a manifester level equal to your TK level - 3 for the purposes of qualifying for psicrystal feats. If your Crystallized Hand is destroyed, you regain the use of the Hand you sacrificed after 1D4 days or you may recreate a destroyed Crystallized Hand after a similar period. You do not lose experience if it is destroyed. You may create a new one whenever you wish as a full round action as long as it has not been destroyed, but may only have one at any given time.

    Crystalline Mind Schism

    Requirements: Crystallize Hand, Psicrystal Containment
    Benefit: As long as your Crystalline Hand is holding psionic focus, whenever you use Crystalline Reach you may opt to invest any number of your Hands to your Crystalline Hand for it to use on any one Crystalline Reach ability, chosen at the time of investment. This ability cannot be changed until Hands are reinvested to it. These Hands return not to you, but to the Crystalline Hand when used, allowing you to activate multiple Crystalline Reach abilities before the Crystalline Hand need return to you. The Crystalline Hand uses these abilities as if it were a duplicate of you, but may only use a single ability each turn and always as a standard action or the normal action type, whichever is longer.

    You may spend a move action each turn to direct your Crystalline Hand, otherwise it behaves as your protector, defending you and attacking anything which threatens you.

    During this time, you may not use the invested Hands for any other effects, although the Crystalline Hand's destruction or a full round action (which provokes attacks of opportunity) returns control of all Hands invested in the Crystallized Hand to you. This effect only lasts for a number of minutes equal to your Charisma modifier per investment of Hands; after which time the Hands automatically return to your control.

    Look Ma, more hands!(General)

    Requirements: Telekineticist 1st level only.
    Benefit: For some reason, you have more hands than other Telekineticists, maybe you're just greedy like that...
    You have extra hands equal to 1+1/5 Telekineticist levels (round down) in addition to the number normally granted by the class.
    Special: This feat may only be taken once and only at 1st character level.

    Enhanced Discipline

    Requirements: Level 1 Telekineticist with the TK Savant ACF

    Benefits: You must be psionically focused to gain these effects.
    You gain a +1 bonus to your psi-like abilities' save DCs, and their durations improve by 50%. You also gain an additional benefit depending upon which discipline you follow, as listed below:
    The Beast: You gain scent
    The Mentalist: You gain telepathy (limited to your TK range)
    The Traveler: You gain fast movement (+10ft to all base speeds)
    The Augur: Add your Charisma modifier as a bonus to your initiative checks
    The Maker: Add your Constitution modifier to the hardness of any item you make.
    Special: This feat may only be taken at first level.

    Mine Sweeper [Psionic]

    Requirements:Trapfinding class feature, Mind's Eye class feature

    Benefits:You gain the ability to use your Mind's Eye to make a search check in a large area. You may make a search check as if you were searching a single 5ft square (you may not take 20 unless you have an ability which states directly otherwise) to instead apply this result to the entire area of your Mind's Eye. You become instantly aware of any traps you find, and know where they and their triggers are.
    This is an emanation with a range equal to your Mind's Eye radius which requires three Hands and a full round action to complete in addition to what youur Mind's Eye requires. You may use additional Hands to gain a cumulative +2/Hand bonus on the search check.

    TK Focus

    Requirements: Telekinetic Hands class feature, must chose one of the following abilities;Force Burst, Force Fling, Far Trick, Focused Shield, Lockdown, Singularity, and must posses the chosen ability.

    Benefit: You may use the chosen ability as a move action a number of times per day equal to your constitution modifier. You may not do so more than once per round.
    Special: You may take this feat multiple times, each time it applies to a new ability.

    TK Specialization

    Requirements: TK Focus, Telekineticist level 4+

    Benefits: The penalty taken when combining your TK Focus ability with another action is reduced to -2, but only for the chosen ability. You may use extra hands with your TK Focus ability to gain a bonus to any damage and opposed rolls at a rate of +2/additional hand, these extra hands are considered used until the end of the action.
    Special: This feat may be taken multiple times, each time it applies to a new ability for which you have TK Focus

    TK Supremacy

    Requirements: TK Focus, TK Specialization, Telekineticist level 12+

    Benefits: The ability for which you have TK Specialization and Focus is now considered a move action to use. You may use it as a swift action a number of times per day equal to your constitution modifier. You may not do so more than once per round.
    Special: This feat may be taken multiple times, each time it applies to a new ability for which you have TK Specialization.

    Fling Foe
    Requirements: Force Fling class feature, Concentration 8 ranks, Charisma 16+
    Benefit: At will as a standard action you may use your Force Fling ability on an opponent within the range of your Hands. To do so you make a ranged attack for Force Fling as normal, but it is opposed by the target's Fortitude save instead of their AC. Upon using this action (after you spend the action) you intuitively know how many Hands you need, or whether you simply don't have enough, and you must have enough Hands to lift the target as if they were an object.

    A thrown target is launched up to 10ft / TK level in a straight line away from you where they land prone and receive 1D6 / 10ft (up to 1d6/TK level) they traveled. If an object obstructs the path of your target, both the target and the object take damage as if the target had traveled the full distance and the target lands prone in that square (smaller objects may be knocked aside or smashed, it is up to a DM to decide what constitutes enough obstruction).

    If a creature is in the way, they must succeed a Reflex save (DC equal to the attack roll made) to avoid the flung target or take damage with the target and fall prone with them in the same square. Evasion and similar abilities do not apply.

    Guided Fling
    Requirements: Fling Foe, Concentration 12 ranks, Charisma 18+
    Benefit: When you use your Fling Foe ability, you may throw them in any direction (including straight up) and all damage dice dealt by the ability increase from D6 to D8. Furthermore, if you deliberately collide 2 or more opponents who are all under the effects of Force Fling, all effected targets must make a Fortitude save (DC equal to the attack roll made) or be stunned for 1 round one after the collision.

    Enhanced TK Flight
    Requirements: Telekinetic Flight class ability

    Benefit: You may augment your TK flight with additional hands in either or both of the following ways:

    You may gain an enhancement bonus to your fly speed equal to +5'/additional Hand.

    When you activate your flight ability, you may target any number of willing medium or smaller creatures for 1 additional Hands per target. This gives them the use of Telekinetic Flight as if they had the Telekinetic Flight ability and count as having the same number of Hands invested in it, and in the same way, as you do. They must remain within the range of your Hands to benefit.

    This lasts for as long as you yourself are maintaining the effect. When the effect ends for any reason, anyone you 'brought along' descends in the same manner as described in the Telekinetic Flight section of Telekineticist. Larger creatures may be affected by this but you must use more hands to do so at a rate of +1 Hand/size category larger than medium (so a huge creature would require 3 hands to give it flgiht).

    "Elementary My Dear Watson!"

    Requirements: Telekineticist of 8th level or higher
    Benefit: Upon taking this feat you must choose one of the following; fire, cold, electricity or acid (this may not be changed once made). Whenever you use an additional Hand on an ability to add a die of damage, that damage may be of the chosen elemental type.
    Special: You may take this feat up to 4 times. You must choose a different elemental damage type each time you do so.

    This section will be links to PrCs so as to conserve posting multiple full classes in the same post.

    Shadow Hand

    Magic Items

    Miniature Boulder:

    This item is very useful to a Telekineticist. It has the dimensions of a marble, and weighs much the same.
    As a move action (or free action with the quick draw feat) the marble can be activated. After its activation, the marble can be made to weigh up to 1000lb, always growing to a foot diameter sphere. Another move action is required to reduce it back down to marble size.

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