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The Goal of the class goes hand in hand with Drone/Horde Member gathering, and form their own collective. Destroying opposing Collectives (who compete for 'resources' and have a reason to threaten you, as they can take control of your drones easily after your death) is a sound strategy, but it isn't the main goal of the class.

And rival is capitalised because...I'll go change it

I thought that might be it, it's just the language seemed a little muddled to me.

Chaotic comes from my understanding of the Alignment wheel, as the Chaotic Alignment covers freedom and independence in quite a distinct way, which is part of my idea for how this class functions; one of the requirements is to stave off the control of another Worm-Eaten Collective, so I thought that reflecting that with the required alignment requiring a free spirit.
Ah, I can see that. But it could also be that an individual staved off their own control through a strict mental discipline and iron clad will and now wants to dominate and use the concept of the collective to their own ends as a powerful tool. So I could see Lawful WECs too.

[quote[However, your point is valid, and I think I might just change it to Evil. The Class certainly isn't Good, and it'd be toeing the deep end of Neutral at the very best of times.[/quote]


That's me leaving a small loophole, as Fleshworm Infestation isn't a Sorc/Wiz only spell. If a Druid or a Cleric wanted to get into the class, they could, if they were willing to jump through some hoops.
Well, that's not the way it's worded right. Only Sorc/Wizs/other arcane casters can get in, not Druids or Clerics. You should probably word it like, "Must be able to cast 4th level Arcane Spells or be able to cast Fleshworm Infestation."

Indeed they could; I like classes that don't specify which type of casting they progress, as it leaves open the option to get strange things where they aren't expected.
There was some issue with that back in the day...but I can't remember what. Not that important, just wanted to clarify.

The Three Saves does seem a bit off, in retrospect, but I didn't want to give the class a Save-or-Die as their main class feature; that's not the focus I was going for. What I was thinking about when writing this up was minionmancy. Now that you've brought it up, I don't really think it would work, and it would gimp the class a little.
Well, it is a prestige class after all, so a Save or Suck wouldn't be out of line for it's main feature and I'm sure there's another way to set it up so a Save or Die could work.

I may raise the non-resistance cap a little, but I felt that having it uncapped would be a huge mistake. What happens when they fill their Control Pool with...Thunder Behemoths or something? Lots of lower powered creatures was my preference over a small group of ridiculously powerful ones. Still, I should look at that and tweak it a little, especially since I want to revise the Saves now.
Well, you don't need to uncap it entirely, but raising it a little more wouldn't be out of line imo.

Its intentionally a Drawback, and its the cost for the huge control pool the class grants. They have to be coddle a bit, or else you take a penalty (maybe one that is too harsh, perhaps...I'll think about it). But, that just means putting them in combat has to be done with care. Equipping them all with a Bow and directing them to shoot at an enemy will solve problems. Even if they're only hitting on a twenty, the amount of arrows you've put in the air is astounding, especially if you start getting into the Teamwork Feats for archery.
But that might be too large a drawback though. I'd revise it so that a fellow high level caster or a decent dragon doesn't just ignore you, toast a chunk of your horde and laugh as your charisma takes a major plummet.

And can you choose the feats these guys have?

No more than a Necromancer does, and they have more versatile options. They can fill their control pool with Thunder Behemoths all they want, and have to go through a lot less work to get them (kill, raise, rinse and repeat).
But can a Necromancer have 460 minions under their control in Pathfinder?

Worm-Eaten creatures are less likely to be useful in a straight up fight compared to Zombies or Skeletons, especially since they are both more fiddly to make, and are less durable. To make the archetypes comparable (as both a Necromancer and a Collective is concerned with Minionmancy) I've traded quality for quantity. You get a lot of minions out of this class.
Eh, these guys are better than Zombies in my opinion and might be better than skeletons. They get a +6 Con bump and Fast Healing 1, that's pretty much ahead of them. I mean, DR is nice, but FH is nicer.

Sorry, the "maximum size horde" bit was included when I misread it. The size of the horde isn't important.

My math was a little off and I can't remember which creatures I was using as measuring sticks (might have been some dragon or ooze), but yeah, that's still a big buff for little investment, even as a capstone for a prestige class. That's more like a level 20 capstone for a base class thing, imo.

I spend too much time playing 3.5 and my brain has too many examples of statblocks and templates from it.

I'll get to work fixing that as soon as I have time...which will probably be tommorrow afternoon, so I'll leave it as is for now.
Look forward to it!