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    Default Re: Telekineticist (3.5 D&D, PEACH)<-really, you should.

    OK, couple of suggested edits, put in bold below:

    Pure Telekineticist.

    Replaces: Martial Skill, Telekinetic Fighting, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Telekinetic Reach and Critical Thinking.

    Benefit:The number of Hands you have is increased to 1 Hand/Class Level. The range of your telekinesis increases to 20ft/level.

    Unarmed Telekineticist

    Replaces: Martial Skill, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Medium Armor Proficiency, ability to wield weapons with Telekinetic Fighting.

    Benefit: You may generate weapons of pure force to use in place of normal weapons for your Telekinetic Fighting. You may generate as many as you would like at the rate of at least 1 Hand/Weapon as a move action. It also takes a move action to add or remove Hands from the weapons. All invested Hands apply to the damage dice as well as the bonus modifier.

    These deal damage equal to 1d6/Hand force damage. They gain a bonus to hit and to damage equal to 1/2*Charisma Modifier*(Invested Hands + 1) maximum Hands invested in a single weapon are equal to your class levels. These are treated as weapons the Telekineticist is proficient with for all purposes. Their critical range begins at 20/x2. This increases to 19-20/x2 at 13th level, and to 19-20/x3 at 16th.

    At 4th level these weapons are treated as magical for the purposes of overcoming DR. At 10th level they are also considered to be cold iron and silver for the purposes of overcoming DR. Finally, at 16th level they are considered to be adamantine for the purposes of overcoming DR.

    These weapons may take the any color and whatever weapon shape you chose, but this has no mechanical effect.

    Suggested edits reasoning:
    Pure TK shouldn't be getting Critical Thinking because it doesn't have TK Fighting!
    Unarmed TK shouldn't be able to use TK Fighting with normal weapons, and as such shouldn't be able to use them like that at all (you can still use weapons with force blast of course!). Gave them a critical boost because otherwise they gain no beneift from their main weapon with Critical Thinking, so now they gain a late (levels 11-18) progression to try and keep up with all those pesly party members who have actual corporeal weapons to enchant! Similar reasoning led me to add in their anti-DR progression.

    On a related note, why shouldn't we take out this: 1/2*Charisma Modifier*(Invested Hands + 1), and replace it with the faaaaar simpler and yet reasonable: Charisma modifier *(1/2 Invested Hands). It's a simplification (needed) and also a slight nerf which I think they may need if we are to give them the anti-DR and critical progressions (which make them a far more rounded combatant imo)

    Also, The Augur is sat outside the Savant spoiler dude, just noticed!

    I'm all up for putting a link to your current summation of the class + extras, PM bob with the link and ask him to copy/paste to the top of his post, probably better than putting it into the class post itself.
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