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I don't think Spike was particularly dumb or crude, as he could talk his way out of situations at least somewhat, making me think he had decent social skills, like Bluff and Sense Motive. Probably not the sharpest tool on the Bebop but definitely not brain dead. I'd leave his Int and Cha at 10. He's definitely Dex and Wis focused but he doesn't have any significant weaknesses, either.

I'd raise Wis to get more out of Flowing Dodge and to his AC in general. I'd also get Monk up to 5 for Elusive target.
For the stats, some of the main problems are that I want to do it as a "low-ball" 15 point-buy, while still being an effective build, while still yet representing the character.
Not all 3 are going to happen.

Ideally Spike would probably be closer to
Str 12 (slightly above average, his fighting style is more Dex based)
Dex 20+ (as high as possible, AC/dodging, Ranged weapons, etc...)
Con 18 (dude can take a serious beating)
Int 10 (much more "street smart" than "book smart")
Wis 16 (then again, I think a 16 is still pushing it...)
Cha 12 (he thinks he's all that and a bag of chips, but...)

I guess a more realistic "budget" Spike would be closer to
Str 10
Dex 16 (18 after racials, can't afford to go higher)
Con 12 (still a boost, but less so)
Int 8 (with the Human Skill bonus he breaks even Skill-wise)
Wis 14
Cha 10

What about the Feats?
The problem is that there is a sizable bottle-neck right around level 8-to-10.
It's when Deft Shootist comes online, the ideal point to take Improved Critical, and the absolute earliest we can get Snap Shot online.
I feel Deft Shootist has priority, but is there something else I can move around?
Snap Shot is also being quite the pain with, essentially, FOUR required feats (Point-Blank, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus, and Combat Reflexes).
I'm thinking I'm going to have to add 2 levels of Fighter just after Gunslinger 5 just for the feats (Mobile Fighter and Tactician are the current front-runners).