Halaza wakes in her small room, the fire now cracking as the embers cool.
She hears a cleric talking in hushed tones to Kel in the next room, probably trying not to wake her, and his wolfs deep breathing in the next room.

She wakes and brushes out her tabard and dress tunic, its messy... she should probably use the wash room...
Her hair stuck to her face and her skin covered in tiny beads of sweat... but this is more important.

Moving to the door she opens it slightly.

Morning campers, whats going on?

Already she is stood in the doorway, taking her tabard off and pulling the heavy plate over her head... Attacking her swords to her back and belt and shield to her arm.
She pushes her kukri back into her shield with a resounding click and gleams at Kel...

So lets make sure the right thing is being done... whatever the comotion?