Security Room

Back, got it and filled it out. Also got some extra.

Name: I picked Dark Lord
Age: I lived through times, when Time was dead
Sex: It?
Species: Elder Evil
Profession: Elder Evil, base, fleshcrafter, gate keeper
Reason for joining AMEN: It's the highest spot of evil and openist spot in the Nexus
Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: Defense of the base, fleshcrafting, epic spell work, can see things as they are, including connections people have, had, and will have. Time and space are but a window and door to me.
References (Victims preferred): People I didn't kill, so about everyone in the base. Victims: 3 dimensions, I lost count of the worlds, 1 afterlife, and way too many people to count.
Past Experience: Destroyed worlds, opened ways into places that others never thought off,
Other Information: I been known as the Curious Void, the Wondering GateKeeper, Mad One. I am totally crazy, and sometimes gets really possessive of things, people, and stuff.

Ilpholin as she reads this, would maybe see in her mind, scenes from the end of these worlds, the mortals, gods, and land screaming in horror as their doom comes apond them, some of them seem to look like herself, her father too.


Eyes start opening in the ceiling, black threads flow over the door.
Oh look whos back, hi Rot.