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    Quote Originally Posted by DerTollUdo View Post
    Should we have it also double those from con?
    I don't think that's needed at all. Besides, even at epic levels, doubling the effective bonus from any Con pumping kit is perhaps a little excessive, they get 14+Con (+10 with the feat) at 20th already, that's enough I think!

    Quote Originally Posted by Turalisj View Post
    With a wizard, you don't have half a dozen class abilities to work with. I think that's part of the problem I have understanding the class.
    In all fairness, aside from the fact that a 20th level wizard has a minimum of 62 spells known at 20th level (assuming 14 intelligence to start with and not a single scribed spell outside of the ones gained from a new level), they also have to understand the interconnected mechanics of spellcasting itself. The TK has everything it needs right there in front of you, the only choices you need make are which ability to use, and they have less of those than a monk. Even if you take one of the Savant ACFs, you still only have 5 powers to keep track of, and it replaces Far Trick so your number of options is actually almost exactly the same either way.

    I can see how this would look slightly intimidating to anyone not entirely comfortable with arithmetic (since it's not really maths, just a bit of multiplication and addition really) because the class is actually pretty substantial, but bob hit the nail on the head here:
    Quote Originally Posted by bobthe6th View Post
    to be fair, the mechanics are embedded in the class. most classes with complex abilities in standard books spin the explanation into 100 page spell descriptions.
    What we're trying to present here is a strong Tier 3 blaster/field control expert with enough variety (through feats, ACFs and class adaptability) to stay interesting to play. There's a reason there isn't much of anything in any of the books which does this, because it's surprisingly hard to find the fulcrum between effectiveness and game balance. Either you end up with a class full of abilities and little utility/choice, or you end up with a spellcaster. We didn't want either of these things.

    As the class is presented right now, it is capable of making itself VERY effective in combat, but it's most effective as part of a group. The fighters and rogues of the world would love to have someone like this as an ally, because they can make the most of their own abilities, mages may feel a bit hard done by at first, but once they realise they can now focus on dangerous targets instead of feeling they have to use every AoE, status changing and lockdown spell in their repertoire for battlefield control, they'll grow to love the TK too.

    Playing a TK for the first time would be a steep learning curve, but no steeper than playing a fullcaster for the first time (significantly less so in my opinion). The 'maths problem' isn't as big as you seem to imagine, once you know the basics of each ability they're actually quite intuitive to increase. I dunno if you've ever played a high level optimised build, but the amount of arithmetic concerned in doing so is generally on a par with the TK, we just gave you more options within each ability, not really any more work.

    Mental Strength reads 500lb/level/hand for dragging, it should be 250lb/level/hand (5x heavy load)

    OK, finally, here's the last of the Savant disciplines. I've decided not to do a psychokinesis entry because hey, they already do that stuff better than anyone, adding more by taking away Far Trick seems like MS PHD to me (More of the Same, Piled Higher & Deeper). Just feels pointless!

    So, finally (again) here's
    The Maker

    Add Knowledge (Engineering) to the Telekineticist's list of class skills.

    1st level power. Astral Construct
    2nd level power. Psionic Repair Damage
    3rd level power. Ectoplasmic Cocoon
    4th level power. Psionic Fabricate
    5th level power. Hail of Crystals

    Constructive Hands
    At 5th level The Maker learns to turn his Hands into finely crafted tools, to astonishing results. Whenever The Maker makes a Craft check, he may use a number of Hands equal to 1/2 class levels, always 2 at a time (so 2, 4, 6, etc), henceforth called a 'Pair' to simulate a duplicate of himself for the work. This ability has 3 effects:
    1. Gain a cumulative +2 bonus to your Craft check results for each Pair you invested in the Crafting check.
    2. Multiply your Craft check result by 1+ Pairs you have invested in the check.
    This may be used in conjunction with Craft (Sculpture) for the purposes of creating astral constructs and for Craft checks involving Psionic Fabricate, but has no effect on the time it takes to manifest the powers.
    3. At 9th level, when you gain the Focused Shield ability, you also gain the ability to shape your shields in a new way. By using 2 equally sized shields, you may create a hemisphere which has a radius equal to the size of the panes making it (i.e. two 10x10 panes would create a 10ft radius hemisphere). You may enlarge the hemisphere with additional Pairs at a rate of +5ft radius/Pair invested. The hemisphere counts as a single shield when adding extra hands for increased damage and bullrush checks.
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