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    Default Re: Telekineticist (3.5 D&D, PEACH)<-really, you should.

    Fair enough, gonna change it now, decided that's a bit much anyhow, on a second look through. Have another idea, should suffice methinks, still pretty rockin'....

    Constructive Hands

    At 5th level The Maker learns to turn his Hands into finely crafted tools, to astonishing results. Whenever The Maker makes a Craft check, he may use a number of Hands equal to 1/2 class levels, always 2 at a time (so 2, 4, 6, etc), henceforth called a 'Pair' to simulate a duplicate of himself for the work. This ability has 3 effects:
    1. Gain a cumulative +2 bonus to your Craft check results for each Pair you invested in the Crafting check.
    2. Multiply your Craft check result by 1+ Pairs you have invested in the check.
    This may be used in conjunction with Craft (Sculpture) for the purposes of creating astral constructs and for Craft checks involving Psionic Fabricate, but has no effect on the time it takes to manifest the powers.
    3. At 9th level, when you gain the Focused Shield ability, you also gain the ability to shape your shields in a new way. By using 2 equally sized shields, you may create a hemisphere which has a radius equal to the size of the panes making it (i.e. two 10x10 panes would create a 10ft radius hemisphere). You may enlarge the hemisphere with additional Pairs at a rate of +5ft radius/Pair invested. The hemisphere counts as a single shield when adding extra hands for increased damage and bullrush checks.
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