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I like the maker, the increase is noticable and can actually help to earn money.
That was the point, I was wary of making such a big deal over some Crafting improvements, but I thought it gave a really strong handhold on an otherwise slippery niche (making Crafts pay enough to be worthwhile!).
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The hemisphere option is a lot better than the breakdown version...
I looked through the numbers and figured it gave a good improvement on what you could do, without being too exploitable as a consequence.
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Breakdown version; lvl 20 pure tele: 40 hands
Allows for one pane of 205'x205'. Thats 1681 individual 5'x5' panes. Since 4 of those make the 10'x10' shield that would come to a maximum of 420 individual shields he could create...who needs the maze spell.
Although you can't actually take Pure TK & Savant at the same time (they both replace martial skill and critical thinking, can't have them both!), I still agree with you that the breakdown concept was a little flawed, hehehe. At least they were breakdown to 10'x10', still broken but not so badly!