Name: Nephrim
Age: 5,005 (give or take two or three decades)
Sex: Neither/both (genderless shapeshifter)
Species: Fallen Angel
Profession: Spy/infiltrator
Reason for joining AMEN: To gain power. Not earthly power, however; I am loyal.
Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: Mind control (voice-based, effective on some undead), shapeshifting (humanoid prepubescent forms only, plus natural form and original form), good shot with a pistol (automatic or revolver), Abyssal contacts in the court of Pazuzu, Dam'Bul's fealty, a squad of five succubi biplane pilots and their war planes.
References (Victims preferred): General Alharbath Demonbane and his army of 999 paladins; Jamie Misaki Catherine Druid; Abigail, adopted daughter of Daisuke; Holly of GLoG; Dam'Bul; Pazuzu, Demon Lord of the Skies; Every member of the Celestial Chorus; Most of heaven.
Past Experience: War of Betrayal- Propaganda Campaign (4,000-4,500 years ago; Blood War- Eighteenth Battle of the Crawling City (996 years ago), numerous small-scale skirmishes (3,500-999 years ago); Alharbath Demonbane's Invasion of the Abyss (900 years ago) Kidnap of GLoG's Children (2 or 3 years ago); Robbery of the Stone (3 or 4 years ago); Battle of Inside (last year).
Other Information: Reaching my goals will only be hindered by leadership of AMEN and are much loftier than that power. I shall do as you ask. Also, Gordon had me tell new members not to attack other members and occasionally control Rot the vampire with my mind control. I am effectively immortal, immune to poison, lack the sense of taste, have no need to eat, and have had hard-light blades surgically inserted into my wrists, elbows and knees.

Nephrim will try to find Ilpholin to hand her new membership form in. She hasn't mentioned Fear, nor that she is a Seeker. Though this may be obvious by the fact her reason for joining is 'to gain power'.