[Out of Sight Room]

He was still conversing though!

Rot goes to fill out the form while Ilphlolin and Cybil are arranging things. He frowns slightly at it before taking out a fountain pen and filling in the form with neat script.

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Name: Rot
Age: 1000 or so years. I've lost count.
Sex: Male
Species: Human Vampire
Profession: Murderer
Reason for joining AMEN: To give me allies against the many forces of "Good" who I regularly come in conflict with. And now it looks like you guys need my help and guidance a lot.
Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: I kill things very well. I could brainwash or turn people if necessary as well, and have all the other powers and abilities we proper vampires have. Look it up if you want a list.
References (Victims preferred): Remnant (former Mortal Coil especially), Riverside Orphanage, Tenebras Vampires, Magtok, GLoG, LANTERN, The entire Red Zone inside
Past Experience: Countless innocents have bled and withered under my fangs. I joined AMEN when Coplanter was leader, and have preformed many actions for the organization since then. I've attacked GLoG twice, attacked and hunted Inside too many times to count (both strategically under Gordon's direction and unofficially on my own business), I've helped Magtok with a campaign to try to take over Riverside, attacked LANTERN, and have defended the base itself multiple times.
Other Information: I can't go out in sunlight, and all those other vampire weakness. And don't call me darling.
When the vampire hands it over, he looks a bit annoyed.

"Whatever happened to the unintelligible contract signed in blood?"

Rot liked that.