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    [Out of Sight Room]

    "Bat's and... wolves?" Cybil asks with a raised eyebrow before she starts to fill in the membership form.

    Originally Posted by Membership Form
    Name: Cybil Prismer
    Age: 34
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human Earth Vampire
    Profession: Knight
    Reasons for joining AMEN: To gain more potential allies and learn more about this world.
    Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: Being able to travel underground with passengers, to scout underground and create underground passages. Potentially tearing down buildings by weakening the ground they stand upon. Drag people underground to kidnap/kill. Shape shifting, regeneration, dark vision, turning.
    References (Victims preferred): She seems to have left this one blank for some reason.
    Past Experience: Have served underneath the shadow vampire Lavthos for over ten years and is experienced in undercover operations, direct assaults, kidnapping and spying.
    Other Information: I'm weak towards sunlight and feed on fat (no jokes please) not blood which seem to be common among vampires here. I become paralyzed if I lose my connection to the earth, AKA, I can't fly, or float, or jump etc.
    "It was signed in blood? I don't even have blood anymore." Cybil comments with a sigh.
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