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    Default Re: [FwM] Recruitment/Plot/Recurring Character Thread

    So, I finally decided to make my character

    Name: Luka Stormshield, or just known as Luka

    Race: Pegasus

    He has a blue coat and black mane, is always wearing a caparisoned armor, the helmet is divided between the top and bottom half, and can open by moving either part or both.

    Though he looks like this without his armor in the case he gets it off

    Age: 14

    Combat based, you would simply call him some sort of "Warpony" or "Battlecolt" or anything like that.
    He's good with his sword and his shield, but REALLY good with his shield, which is complemented by his high amount of armor, getting to the point where he's REALLY hard to beat down, he doesn't do much damage though...
    He's capable of using most weapons given his training for using anything he gets, including guns.
    His knighthood also grants him light abilities that appears to come from any "good" source it gets, actually a mix of Luna's, Celetia's and Elemental, working like the literal complete opposite to the shamans. Also capable of some low grade Air magic, also combat based, but not really harming either
    The armor also has "locks" on the foreleg parts, where he can get his sword or other stuff hooked onto and use like an arm, and his shield can be strapped onto a foreleg and locked to, he uses it on his left one.
    His power Rating is like this:
    Unarmed: D
    Armed with any weapon: D+
    Armed with Both his shield and Sword: C+

    For Short: a Warcolt made of iron whose most damage done are scratches

    He was born in an isolated village inside a small valley, son of a pair of Knights that got in just before it went into hiding out of fear of the Iron Hoof and the Dark Forces, the pair was of an armored Gryphon and a golden Unicorn mare, both had 3 sons, Aisis Lightblade, Luka Stormshield and Mile Joyhoof: Aisis was pretty disciplined, having duty over everything else (like lawful-good), Mile was still a very young colt, so he's pretty hyperactive and...well "joyfull" (like chaotic-good); but Luka's a mix of both, maybe because he's the one in the middle, but he was both looking for what he has to do and helping others, but MOSTLY helping, so he's mostly in for his ideals and heroic-minded (like neutral-good).

    He started training at around 4 years old with his parents for being just like them, but he would instead be a Crusader, instead of a Paladin or a Knight (they're alike anyways), but instead of it being some sort of colt abusive thing he actualy enjoyed it, having a nice time with both his dad and his mom, though, he was so much into it that he was barely with someone else or doing something else (he doesn't know what are bits), he got friends though, one being a colt with a red coat that showed a great skill with dual wielding swords.

    When he turned 14 he completed his training and was finally armed as a Crusader, his sister was a Paladin already, his little brother was still training for being a Knight. They had a party with the rest of the village at night since, it was going well....until Dark Forces already found them and had to screw everything.

    The village had a pretty big Iron Mine inside, they knew they were in for it, so the family went to help the armed guards to fend them off. Luka was the centre of attention in there, he still had his armor on, so everything was getting on him...with no buy, there were many hilarious Dark Force members yelling around "WHY WON'T YOU DIE!!!?" as soon as their attacks were deflected aside by his shield or even given back to them.

    Everything was ok for a while...then more came, it became obvious, Zerg Rush ensued and the family couldn't hold them, the Knight pair and Luka were separated from Aisis and Mile. that's when he heard the Last things said to him by both his father and mother: the gryphon said "Go outside! to the east! warn them they're here!", then the Unicorn "Get your brothers with you....we love you..", he then stormed off to get the others, but got separated from them when the valley's mountains started falling on top of them, he then passed out for like 30 seconds to just see a small place where rocks didn't fall, and everyone lying on the ground not moving....Including the Unicorn, and the Gryphon standing near her, along some dark figure behind, the gryphon then rushed towards it in rage, but then it went down too, he was shocked by this, but REALLY, had to block his mouth from doing anything that could get anyone on him.

    He then noticed his sister doing the same to Mile, both behind a pile of rocks, then moving away towards the other side of the mountains. He's also seen some Dark Forces members.... Shocked, like they just realised what they did.

    After that, all he's been doing is wandering towards the east, not exactly knowing what to do and still a bit shocked from what happened back in the village, but with a course set.

    a pretty nice colt normally, being friendly and calm to people around and trying to help them, also protective and heroic-minded, trying to stop whatever wants to hurt them; he has his temper though.
    Even of what happened to his village, He LOVES fighting, when he's in one he explodes in hot-bloodeness and ocassionally yells (he does to a lesser extend when not in one too).
    Even though of what happened in the village, He know he's been armed as a Knight, and as such he fights for worthy causes: that means righteouss ones. He's also not really fond of love because of this, a lot more focused on what he's doing than on....that sort of stuff, that doesn't mean he wouldn't fall madly in love it if he finds his "true love" though....

    Relationships: Most of the people he knows are gone, though his big sister and his little brother are ok. Has several aquantances around the town, but no real "friend" yet, except Aero, who pretty much gave him and his brothers a home, and has a crush on Snowflake, though he doesn't even know it's a crush yet...

    Cutie Mark: A large Kite Shield with a Blue Cross on it, just like the one he uses; if watched closely, there's a dim spinny-spiky ring that looks like made out of air around it too.
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