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    Default Re: Telekineticist (3.5 D&D, PEACH)<-really, you should.

    OK guys, gonna get a couple of my DM friends round tomorrow after work and try some playtesting with these guys. In the meantime, does anyone know of anyone who does playtesting for people? I'm working multiple random extended/split shifts 6 days a week just now, so finding time is often a hassle just now, the help would be VERY much appreciated.

    Just as a thought, should we test just the base class first, then make sample level 10s of the ACFs to compare?

    Either way, Humans and Strongheart Halflings are gonna have a ball, because they can actually take both of the 1st level only feats, as long as they take a Savant ACF...that could potentially be rather devastating, especially if they're using The Maker (enough hands to make a dome within a dome)!

    Quote Originally Posted by DerTollUdo View Post
    Alright, added Maker to the table.
    I don't see it, and the Unarmed TK hasn't been updated with the Cha + (1/2 hands) thing either, unless I'm looking in the wrong place...?!
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