As often seems to be the case, you've been somewhat generous with the bewbie, Dom. Not enought to be unrealistic, mind. Also, if it's a character who's already established to be bigger busted (I dip in and out, my memory for the specifics is poor) then well... hey-ho. Such folk are out there, after all. [shrugs]

The faces/heads in Thanq's sketch could use a little bit more dimension too, they look a bit like flat shapes as is. The mood and atmosphere of this piece is very strong though. And you've been so good at keeping up with posting something every day for this project, Thanqol: yeah, I'm pretty sure you've missed the odd day here or there, but you generally make up for it by posting extra later, and the thread hasn't gone into a slump for more than a week or so, has it? I'm pretty envious about that.