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    Default Re: The OotS-Style Monster Manual Art Project

    Quote Originally Posted by cofez View Post
    I love your bullywugs, Tannhaeuser!
    Heh, thanks, Cofez! They are a lot of fun to do, though I am also trying to get a fair variety of different D&D monsters. (Of course, a lot of them, like Lukers Beneath, Piercers, Trappers, Black Puddings, Green Slime, and Ochre Jellies, are not very suitable to stickification!) I think that last Bullywug must have taken Slimmo or something, though; he seems a little skinny. Let's hope he doesn't end up like my very badly drawn Thought Eater.

    How about some of you guys doing some wereboars or vargouilles or something? I can't do everything: after all, it isn't the Order of the Stick Monster Tannual Art Project!

    Oh, and on a side note: Thank you, Giant In The Playground, for the Birthday Greetings! (Providing the answer to the D&D riddle, "How is Tann like Tiamat? They're both Huge and Ancient.")
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