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Ink sketches will always look flat, I think; I'm intending to try and add depth when I get to colouring. That's just my own perception; if you've got a method that'd let me add depth at the ink sketch level I'd love to hear it.
I'd love to help you but I'm overstretching myself as it is. To try to be more specific I'll say that it was, and still is, the character on the viewer's left whose head/face I was having some issues with. One of the main observations I made was that the line weight seemed to be a bit timorous at that stage of production. It's quite thin and all about the same, you might want to look into doing Saeyan's line weight tutorial (from the Art Upgrade thread) or if you've already done it, revising it. That said, there is a marked improvement in step two of the same piece so... Obviously it's all up to you. I take issue with the statement that ink sketches will always look flat though, try telling that to EH Shepherd, Chris Riddell, Quentin Blake or Leonardo Da Vinci (at least two of those guys are dead, so that might be a bit of an ask...)

I'm offended . I have not missed a single day, not one. I'm only two and a half months off having gone for an entire year with a picture every single day, rain or shine, with absolutely no excuses.

And I've had excuses; there were plenty of days when I did not want to draw at all, or had other stuff, or work, or was tired or on fire or whatever. Did it anyway.
I'm a bit mortified at having accidentally offended you: I lurk on this board a lot and with a thread as prolific as this one it's quite easy to get mixed up if you're only following it casually like I do. I should have got my facts straight before saying anything though - I was trying to cover myself by using qualifiers like 'I think' and 'I'm pretty sure'. I implied that you'd missed days because I remembered there were days when you'd almost missed days and then put things up the very next day, usually two things. I wasn't trying to rain on your parade with what I was saying, I just worried that if I was 100% complementary it would sound sycophantic and insincere. Personally I don't know how to take a compliment, or a criticism for that matter, and I guess I was just assuming you think the same way I do, which is always a rather dangerous thing for me to do.

A picture is said to say a thousand words, my pictures aren't very good but I did one for you last night as an attempt at an apology. I couldn't spend very long on it so it's scruffy. (:/)

Sorry about the state of my handwriting it should read: "Sorry for mixing the threads up, Thanqol, I think your project's really good. I couldn't do that." I won't bother transcribing the stuff in lime, it's just notes on things I stuffed up with the sketch. And it doesn't even mention half of the issues
I meant it when I said I was envious.