UA change is okay.

I won't actually build a full character but here is my take on the level 5 character, vanilla telekineticist.

Assuming base 16 cha, 14 con, 14 dex with +2 items in cha and con.

Strongheart Halfling
Combat reflexes (total 4 AoO)
spiked chain expertise

Total number of hands: 5

What you have:
- Mental Strenght
- Force Blast
- Far Trick (Bullrush only)
- Telekinetic Fighting

Enemies: 3
Nominal hp of enemies: probably around 50hp at most

Viable options:
1) use 2 hands to keep up 2 spiked chains in two squares adjacent to and diagonal through yours. This gives you a total trip capability. However, it'll only allow one trip attempt before the enemy is upon you if the enemy is smart. 4 chains work better, but cut deeply into your hand budget.
Whatever hands you have over, you can use to blast the enemy either with rocks (if you only have 1 hand left) or the touch version (if you have more).
The touch blast does 5d4 now, so a hit with 3 of them (at +3 attack bonus) could deeply cut into one enemy. The rock version is even better if you have easy access to heavy things.
2) depending on the enemy's mass you can just float them away with mental strenght. Your DC is now 16 so CR5 grunts should be reasonably susceptible. Your strongest weapon is force blast again though.

Honestly I can see the spiked chain version far better. Its also one of the things that makes telekinetic fighting a lot more useful.