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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanqol View Post
    With most people you'd assume it was hyperbole, but with the self-professed chronic liar you wonder if I'm serious?

    Why yes, I was attacked by dragodiles. Come to sunny Australia!

    Day 299: Starswirl the Bearded

    Words cannot say how relaxing it was to do this picture. Coloured linart of SiuiS.

    Original (SiuiS):




    Time: 3 hours
    Music: Entering Equestria
    Familiarity breeds contempt.
    I knew when you drew The Pone that you weren't bad at it, just in-practiced. The cognitive skills were there, the hands and eyes just had to be taught to obey. and then I watched your progress. It doesn't seem like much because it's been constant. But every now and again I see with eyes cleared of bias.

    This is one of those times.


    Seeing As this is now a Work of Art(tm) instead of a scribble, are you still up for resizing and letting somepony use it as an avatar?

    Also, having wanted to light chronic liars on fire many a time, I too have to ask what Ms. Lorn has asked. It's not that you'd sell us straight; it's that you wear a lab coat, and have ideas. Chemistry ideas.
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    No, we're not debating the meaning of life here. You shouldn't ask the question nor seek the answer from us. Go build it by doing things. Gather evidence.
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