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Thread: Thanqol Learns To Draw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkflight View Post
    >Go to college
    >Find skull in glass case
    No grave robbery? I am disappointed.

    Quote Originally Posted by SiuiS View Post
    Familiarity breeds contempt.
    I knew when you drew The Pone that you weren't bad at it, just in-practiced. The cognitive skills were there, the hands and eyes just had to be taught to obey. and then I watched your progress. It doesn't seem like much because it's been constant. But every now and again I see with eyes cleared of bias.

    This is one of those times.


    Seeing As this is now a Work of Art(tm) instead of a scribble, are you still up for resizing and letting somepony use it as an avatar?
    My thought going in was "Yea, this kinda detail isn't really appropriate for an avatar. Gonna do it anyway".

    Does make a pretty avatar, all said.

    On that topic, I'm more than happy to colour more linework if you throw it out. It's so relaxing, colouring linework; all the fiddly detail is out of the way already and so it's just me and the paints.

    Also, having wanted to light chronic liars on fire many a time, I too have to ask what Ms. Lorn has asked. It's not that you'd sell us straight; it's that you wear a lab coat, and have ideas. Chemistry ideas.
    "Ze fires of passion, my friend, are far hotter than ze mere burning of parasythenmol."

    EDIT: Tec, haven't forgotten your request. Soonish.
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