Memories - Part 2

My parents dying left me in a bad spot. Both of them were only children whose parents had died by the time I was born. I had no other family. So, I became just another child in the system. The government stuck me in the local orphanage.

Looking back, it wasn't too bad. I mean...I had a bed, food daily, and shelter. But, at that point, I was a scared, confused little girl who just lost her parents. The only people she really knew.

Needless to say, I didn't take living in an orphanage too well. I became moody and distant. Kept lashing out at the other kids. The appearance of my Kinetic abilities during this time didn't help at all. Just gave me another tool to lash out with.

Technically, they couldn't just kick me out. But, nobody really wanted to adopt me. And I made them miserable. So, the staff did the same. They tried to isolate me from the others. Didn't bring me out when prospective parents came by.

Eight years of this really did a number on me. Shortly after turning sixteen, I snuck out to try to make it on my own. I figured I could do way better on my own than living there.

Boy, was I wrong.