Sounds like an exotic form of jazz fusion. I can sense some heavy funk influence, especially in the drums and electric bass, and a hint of Latin in the trumpet's phrasing and the acoustic bass solo, but other than that, I wouldn't know what to call it. Then again, I play/listen to a lot of jazz, and when all you have is a hammer...Whatever it might end up being, it sounds fantastic and is absolutely addictive. (I've listened to it about four times while composing this post...)

Anyways, the Battle for Azure City is coming along nicely, and though it does sound a bit rambling, you could easily make what you have work, as long as you make it interesting enough. That is my main critique here - as a musical person, all I see are the chords, but they don't appear to have much movement or direction. As such, people will easily get bored with it. Sure, there are a few interesting parts scattered here and there (most notably measures 15-22 and 31-32) but overall, there isn't enough going on to really grab my interest. Try adding some fast-moving texture to spice things up a bit, or perhaps varying the rhythms to something more interesting than quarter-quarter-quarter-quarter. You could also rework it to give a clearer overall melodic line so everyone will have something to pay attention to besides the chord progression.

Right now, a nonmusical person might say, "Nothing's happening!" and a musical person might say, "Okay, I see your chords and themes, but what are you going to do with them?" This is the theme music for a battle to decide the fate of the world, right? Unless you're still composing the introduction and your full intention is to make the audience itch for something to happen, it doesn't feel like there's enough going on. You have five instruments in this arrangement, and by no means is there a limit to how many of those can be playing different things at once. Don't be afraid to assign complicated or difficult parts to different instruments - we don't have actual players assigned yet, so there's no one to complain about it. (By the way, I would like to say that this song sounds hilarious when played back at 200 bpm.)

ANV sounds MUCH better, by the way. All the problems I mentioned in my last post about it are pretty much fixed now.