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Don't worry, Thanqol, I can wait! Feel free to do your other awesome art stuff first.

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Pros: Thanqol, Shadow.
Cons: Certain Death.

Tough call. I'll get back to you.
Flatterer ^^

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Ick. Have you ever tried grave robbery? Too much mess and squick and decay and BLEH.

On another note, would you be willing to draw a request for me? I've decided my Rainbow Dash costume needs a keyblade, but I'm at a loss as for how to design it. And the ones I've found on the internet either suck, or don't feel very "Rainbow Dash". (I tried making one myself, but it kiiiinda sucks.)
How's this as a rough design?


Day 300: Pointless Revolution

Jayden got drunk for the first time ever! It was awful and she is no longer friends with Blue.

In the process, I drew the Free Council logo.


Time: 35 mins
Music: Canterlot Ruins